Say what now?

I’ve been getting a lot of mail lately. Some of it was solicited (TEXTBOOKS!!#$%!) and others was not (dear playhouse that I purchased musical tickets from you 2 years ago, you’d think because I haven’t bought tickets in 2 years, that would be a hint to stop wasting paper). Unfortunately, I’m still unable to intercept […]

Mastering Procrastination

It’s always when I have a million and one things to do that I end up blogging. Why? Probably because I could be one of the many Queens of Procrastination. Next week I have a couple of midterms and a lab quiz. I’m more worried for my lab quiz than I am the midterms. Why? […]

Fur goodness sakes

Picture this scene. It’s about 3pm on a Saturday afternoon, let us say that it just happens to be January 9th, 2010. Michelle and her family decided to go shopping (gah, more shopping?!) and they ended up at a high-priced store. So while Michelle is seeing how a particular Burberry coat looks on her (didn’t […]