There are moments in life when there is an insane amount of awkwardness. Picture a nineteen year old girl (who generally has people thinking that she’s younger than she looks) standing at a sink washing dishes. Then a man, who is considerably older (read: more than twice her age…) comes up right beside her and puts his arm around her shoulders, hand on arm.

A: So, are there any boyfriends on the horizon?
M: [starts edging away] Why do you ask?
A: Because you know I’ll get jealous…
M: [edges away even more] Erm…
A: [laughter] Well, you should keep me in mind. Just in case.
M: [moves further away]

Oh, and get this: my mom was in the room the entire time and heard the entire exchange. After he left, she told me to stay away from him. Good advice, of course. Granted, I don’t go out of my way at all to have conversations with him. And as far as I’m concerned, I did nothing to provoke the exchange.

Have you ever had an awkward exchange with a colleague?

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  1. Oh man that’s awkward, and slightly creepy. The question wouldn’t bother me too much, and even the response wouldn’t squick me out too much. But the physical contact? I don’t THINK so!

    I have had awkward conversations in the past with colleagues, and blah… I always kept my distance after they happened!

  2. Love the new layout~ And… he’s still being creepy? Good thing he’s not the actual bossman (unless something happened… and if I’m thinking of the same old guy who has hit on you before…)

  3. Ergh, that would be so creepy. o_O I work at a huge chain convenience store as a cashier, so I doubt that there are any rules against a cashier dating another one (maybe there are rules against the managers, but whatever). But with a guy that much older, your mother in the room, and a smaller work place, that would just be plain creepy! D: I’ve had customers hit on me, which is weird enough, but they go away and no one has ever bothered me again. But you’ll probably keep seeing this guy around. o_o If he becomes a problem, definitely report that creeper! D:

  4. eccck I hate men like that :/ Hopefully he’ll stay away from the police.. -_-

    I’ve never had something like that happen to me that I could remember..I get pissy if a regular guy talks to me…much less an older one usually just get’s cussed out rudely xD

  5. Wooww, can someone say awkkkwarrdd? Your mom gave you really good advice.

    Fortunately for me that has never happened to me. I’d freak out. Did you like give him any inclination that made him come towards you?

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