Jenn – I tried keeping my distance before this happened, and look where that got me, lol.

Josephina – It’s the same guy that you’re thinking of.

Em – I am absolutely positive that I have never given him any encouragement to think that I would be remotely interested.

Heather – I’m trying! I really am. I spend a lot of my time upstairs, since that’s where my computer is, and he doesn’t usually have reasons to be upstairs, but whenever he is, he tends to come by and talk to me. Which is… not creepy? But still kind of like “Okay, working now”. But to be fair, if it had been someone else coming by to talk to me, I’d make time for a conversation or something.

Nothing that I would consider interesting happened today. Had a little misunderstanding with my dearest, got insulted by the guys at work, met the new guy on the floor, broke (and fixed!) a printer and… I think that’s about it. Well, for work anyways. At home, there was getting insulted by my dad and watching television and the interwebs. I helped my sister out and did her makeup for her since she had a concert tonight (she’s in a choir – I’m skipping volunteering and seeing her perform Sunday afternoon as she “asked” me to buy a $15 concert ticket).

My eldest sister is coming home tomorrow night… That should be interesting. I’ll probably be “asked” to go with my parents to the airport as they like sending me out to find whomever we’re picking up so they don’t have to pay for parking at the airport and they can just circle the damn place (and waste gas…) until whomever it is that we’re picking up shows up. A lot of other people do this too, by the way, so my parents aren’t the only ironically cheap ones in British Columbia. But we need to pick her up (I suggested letting her bus home, as a joke, and my dad started going on and on about how I ‘never cared about my sister’ and how I ‘don’t care about her well being’ and how I ‘never think about anyone but myself’. Thanks, dad, really. Thanks.) of course and so we’ll probably all go, I’ll be listening to music and texting people and fall asleep in the car on the way home. I can picture it happening now.

Anyways… how was everyone’s Tuesday? Avoided any awkward conversations with creepy older coworkers like I did? Drowned in papers like I did? Good fun, isn’t it?

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  1. My family does that at the airport too!
    Well, we do less driving in circles and more stopping in a no stopping zone for as long as possible. This works surprisingly well.

  2. Aww, that coworker sounded pretty creepy. O.o

    My parents are pretty cheap about petrol/gas. They make use of all the vouchers and things. I’m glad I don’t have my full licence; they might ask me to drive them around.

    I had a tiring Tuesday as usual! 😛

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