Full of sense and nonsense ramblings

Life has gotten a little bit better since my last post (thank goodness). My working situation has changed a little bit. As of Monday, I will no longer be working as the receptionist (yay!) as they’ve finally hired someone (after having the position vacant for, I was told, a few months – and a few […]

Aquarium Adventures – Part Two

More on my day at the Vancouver Aquarium with my sister. We actually didn’t pack any lunch food to take in with us (a lot of people seem to bring in their own food – the prices there are pretty outrageous with a small soft-serve ice cream cone at $3.50!) beyond snack foods (granola bars, […]

Aquarium Adventures – Part One

This is part 1 of my aquarium adventures! Only because I took an absurd amount of photos (well over 300 photos and 3 videos!) and I managed to whittled down the number that I wanted to share to 22 and that still felt like a lot to me for one post, so I figured since […]