It’s Friday! Which means that it’s now the weekend! And I actually have plans, oh em gee!

I’m going out tonight with some friends, we’re heading off somewhere to go and just hanging out in a restaurant. Which shall be interesting, I think it’ll be fun. I’ve got a bunch of other stuff to do this weekend. Tomorrow night I’m hanging out with friends again, then Sunday afternoon is my sister’s concert, so I’ll be going to that. But it’s like… weird. Because I never have plans (usually) for both days out of the weekend. Let along including Friday night. Because usually my idea of excitement is a new episode of something to watch for Friday. Or a new (or old) book to read (or reread). Or people to tell me what they did during their weekend. Obviously, I have no life. But at least I admit it, yay!

So work was interesting… To say the least. I was at Building A from 8am to 8:50am. I made a phone call at about 8:45am to talk to M, who works at Building B. I had some papers to go over with him, and they have to be done in person in case there’s anything that needs to be changed (so I can actually know what needs to be changed). So 8:45am, made a phone call. Five minutes later, I had car keys in one hand, a clipboard with appropriate papers in the other, purse over my shoulder and a pen in my mouth (I need more hands!). I spent about maybe half an hour at Building B, spent time talking to M and getting the okay that I needed to finish off the first phase of one of the many projects that I’m currently juggling at the moment. The huge difference between how I’m juggling all my projects last year and how I’m juggling all of them this year is that last year, I was expected to be able to move from project to project on a moment’s notice, so working a little bit on everything, but not getting anything really “finished” until the very end, with that final push for thirteen projects getting done by my last day. This year, I do get multiple projects, but they’re a lot more related. Plus, I’m fully relying on other people for information and for approval on parts of my project, so I can sort of ‘let go’ to portions of a project at a time. Once it’s done, I move on. I don’t have to go back and look at it over again and again. Which is really nice. Because last year I reread the same 25 page manual that I wrote maybe a million times.

But I’m off to hang out with my friends soon, so I should probably get ready…


  1. What is one song that you really like humming along to?
  2. What’s the last song that you had stuck in your head?
  3. What song were you last caught singing along to by someone?

My answers:

  1. San Dimas High School Football Rules by The Ataris
  2. Black Balloon by The Goo Goo Dolls
  3. Superman by Five For Fighting (got caught while at work by coworkers, luckily they didn’t go “Wow, you’re totally tone deaf!”)

3 Responses

  1. Have a fabulous time with your friends! I personally am spending my Friday (and probably Saturday) being a hermit and writing. I know. Pathetic. But it makes me happy.

    I’m really glad to hear that this year work is simpler (that’s the right word, I think? Sorry if it’s not…). Last year doesn’t sound too fun…

    1. Hm. Um. My own songs! 😉 I’m not a good hummer.
    2. Rootless Tree by Damien Rice.
    3. Here, Here, Here by Meg & Dia.

  2. I was reading this and I remembered how much I miss people… *sigh*

    Black Balloon is a good song… now I have it stuck in my head…

    Ah… Well…

    1. Tip Taps Tip by Halcali
    2. Whispers in the Dark by Skillet (…tears to roses…)
    3. Gunpowder and Lead by Miranda Lambert

  3. I was especially excited for the weekend too. I actually also have plans. It must be “plan weekend.” I hope you have a great time with your friends.

    1. Pretty much everything I listen to. I’m one of those people who are always humming even when there isn’t any music.

    2. “Around The World” -Daft Punk since I just listened to it.

    3. Haha like I said I’m always singing. I am aware of it too so I wouldn’t be “caught.” I think yesterday Josh was laughing at me though since I pulled up to the office and then continued to sit in my car singing at the top of my lungs to some Panic! at the Disco song. He opened the car and I just kept singing and he was just hysterically laughing at me. I wouldn’t stop until the song ended even when he tried to get the keys out of the ignition. Oops, that was a quite a ramble.

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