Thanks for all the lovely comments about the layout, it’s always nice to know that the things I think look okay aren’t completely off.

Heather – I’m actually not sick… As far as I’m concerned. Lately it’s just a lot of breathing in dust and fibreglass at work (Yay for not realizing that there’s fibreglass in the air? Yeah, go me…), so I’ve been wrecking havoc on my respiratory tract that way. Hopefully no more though. And I’ve yoinked a few boxes of tissues from the supply closet… I went through about half a box on Friday alone (damn dust).

Caity – My sisters and I will be seeing a local production of a Shakespearean play (I can’t remember the title at the moment). It should be pretty cool, but we won’t be going until the end of August (boo) because we couldn’t get the date that we wanted until then.

So yesterday… I went out for lunch with my family, got a refill on my prescription, and got dropped off at the train station so I could head out and see the boyfriend (not that my family ever knows that I’m heading out to see him because, well, that’s a long story – although I always tell my sister [J] where I’m going, just in case and all that jazz). So I arrive at about 4… and he showed up a little bit after that. I met his parents, who were pretty cool and then we just spent most of the rest of the afternoon watching short videos and playing video games.

Knowing full well that I like Tetris (I play it on my sister’s DS whenever I have the chance), he pulls up Tetris on the Xbox 360. So I played that, getting used the controller and whatnot. Then there was Tetris on the NES, which was fun as well. Oh, and then we played a little bit of Rescue Rangers on the NES – I died fairly early on, mostly because I didn’t really completely fully understand what on earth I was doing. Yeah… But then we played Dr. Mario and that was fun, I really liked it since it was sort of like Tetris but a lot more amusing. He let me win the first round, just so I could get used to the controls. Then he won a round or two after that… Then I won a round (yay!). It’s a fun game, in case you’ve never played it before. Oh, and at some point while we were playing video games, I was sitting on the chair and he was sitting in front of me and I have no clue what on earth he did, but whatever it was, he ended up pulling me forward and our heads hit together and that really hurt for a moment before it subsided.

For dinner… We had sliced (lengthwise) mini cucumbers, fries (I hardly ever have fries, so I was quite happy with that since it basically acts as an occasional treat), chicken strips (which were good, but I was more enthralled with the fries – just because) and I had iced tea (he had something dark and carbonated). We had dinner fairly late, I didn’t realize how hungry I was until I started eating… And then I pretty much had my plate empty before he was halfway done his plate (I did, however, give him my last chicken strip as I was full at that point). It was like of like “Yeah, I could eat something…” and then I had looked down at my plate and realized how much was gone. And… he also fed me candy while I was over there (… well, more like I got up and went to where he had all his candy and just pulled one or two pieces out). It was basically an ‘eat whatever I would normally not eat at home’ sort of day. Which was fun.

So, didn’t spend too much time chatting with his parents, which helped with my nerves (which were kind of all over the plce). Spent oodles of time just talking and laughing with Clay, a little bit of time with his dog (who wasn’t jumpy or anything, thank goodness). And overall had a really great time. Especially playing video games (who would have thunk it?).

And now it’s time for lunch with the family and I’m having lobster, yes!

So how was your Saturday? And I hope your Sunday is stellar as well.

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  1. Ooh I love Shakespeare! 😀
    I’m glad you had a good experience meeting his parents. It’s good that it wasn’t too stressful and you didn’t have to converse too much. I can’t believe you are having lobster for LUNCH! Lucky!!

  2. Hey 🙂

    This layout is so pretty, I love it!
    Hahah that’s good that everything went well with meeting his parents. 😀

  3. Ah, well I’m glad you weren’t actually sick! I guess I misinterpreted that.
    I’m glad meeting the parents went so well! It sounds like it was calm, mellow day. 🙂 And I love cucumbers!

  4. Love the new layout.

    I’ve never been able to get used to the Xbox controller. It’s too large for my small hands and so many buttons =W=

  5. Cool site, I really like the layout. My sister is obsessed with Tetris, lol. Have you ever played the iPone game, Flood-It? It’s kind of sort of similar.

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