Work was long and boring… It has been the last few work days. Mostly because there’s been zero meetings and just a lot of data entry. I’m writing up documents for work and rearranging files and organizing photos. Plus, my computer is in an area where there’s a few other people, but they don’t do a whole lot of talking… Plus it’s so just quiet there – you could hear a pin drop (maybe). That being said, I can very easily fall asleep at my desk and no one would notice unless they’re looking right at me while they’re walking by. Oh, plus, I could not stop sneezing today and one of my coworker’s asked if I had forgotten to take my allergy medication. I told him that I actually didn’t have spring time allergies and he kind of just nodded his head and went “You might want to get that checked out then…” I went to my mom and got one of her over-the-counter allergy pills. Which worked wonders for my sneezing… Once it kicked in. However, my only issue with it was that I ended up feeling really nauseous for about two hours. I looked it up online and feeling nauseous is only a side effect that less than 3% should feel. Guess I’m just really lucky then?

I’ve been browsing on Etsy a lot lately. Mostly to look at jewellery that I’m currently unable to make (i.e. I haven’t branched out into working with precious gems and platinum so…) and so on. Luckily, I don’t have my wallet with me while I’m surfing the internet because I’m pretty sure that I’d be a touch too tempted to dig out my credit card and start ordering things online. I’ve actually be been pretty good at curbing the spending since I finished my finals and started working again. It helps a lot that I don’t feel like doing a whole hell of a lot once I get home from work. Plus I don’t buy books all that often anymore (shocker, I know – I used to buy a lot of used books at the public library for $0.10-0.25 a piece). Although there is one book that I want to buy this summer (Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Bad Moon Rising) that’s not a textbook, but that’s not until the beginning of August (and textbooks aren’t until the end of August). I haven’t bought any beads yet, and only a small amount of (on sale, I would have bought it anyways) yarn. That being said, I’ve been doing some beading lately, so hopefully I get a chance to take some photos soon. I’m getting a touch tired of waiting for nice natural lighting… Maybe it’s time to go ahead and make a light tent? And I’m attempting to whittle down my share of the collective yarn stash as well as using some of the beads that I have before going out and buying more.

Of course, talking about Etsy and beads and yarn just makes me want go and browse Etsy and bead supply sites and yarn sites… It’s an illness, but it’s just oh so much fun…

In other news, my sister (D) broke the car. Well, sort of. We are saying that, by accident, she had not completely closed the door, resulting in the lights and such being on and that was left for about twenty four hours, from when she came home yesterday and when my other sister needed to borrow the car. She gets in, sticks the key into the ignition and turns and… nothing. My father is much less than impressed with her at the moment. The family is assuming that it is the battery that is the issue, since something like this has occurred before (except it had been my dad that hadn’t closed the door all the way). So… There is that. Which, of course, resulted in my dad giving my sisters and myself a lecture on how irresponsible we all are for being the downfall of civilized society, as we know it. Or something like that. I hadn’t been really paying full attention to when he was going on and on about the car and how we never treat anything that the family owns with respect.

I’m going to do some cleaning up around the site. Getting rid of some old content, adding some new, rewriting a few things here and there. Make everything all spic and span (because I know that I’ll end up neglecting most of my content for a while).

What have you been up to this lovely Monday?

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  1. How unfortunate that you are one of the 3% who experiences nausea as a side effect! It stinks to develop allergies; like you, I had never had allergies this time of year. However, it seems now that something here is irritating me, as I’ve been itchy – not sneezy, but itchy. =/

    Oh my, I guess you must have to close that door pretty firmly if this has happened before! Hopefully it’s not completely dead or anything.

    This lovely Monday I sat around making a new theme, blogging, and reading others’ blogs! I planned on making brownies but, ah, I suppose I left that for today…

  2. I’ve never run my battery down by not closing the door. Then again the car dings until you do. My monday went well. I stained my boss’s deck, got sunburned, and played with the babies. 😀

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