I had… such a difficult time at work today. I know, I complain about it a lot at times. I mean, I love work. I do. The people are great, the work’s not physically demanding, it’s a great environment and I’ve developed friendships or pseudo-friendships with a lot of people there. I know everyone by face, almost everyone by name and it’s a great place to work (which is probably why I keep on going back). Now, my only issue is that when I want to get something done by someone else, I totally expect that it will get done in a timely manner. So when I give someone a copy of something two weeks ago and all they need to do is photocopy the damn papers, distribute them, collect them back and send them back to me… I don’t expect to find out two weeks later than the photocopying step hasn’t even been done yet. So, I did what any reasonable person would do. I told my immediate supervisor, who went over the person’s head (‘the person’ being the person who’s incapable of photocopying, despite reminders to do so) and went straight to two higher-ups. So that was fun (not really…) because I ended up getting a phone call from the guy who I’ve been reminding constantly to just photocopy the papers later asking me why I had told my immediate supervisor.


Anyways, onto a more cheery note… I received play tickets in the mail yesterday! (Well, musical, but it’s a form of a play.). Which I was so excited about when I saw that there was a) mail for me (because nowadays, all I get are my credit card statements) and b) it was the play tickets! I just bought them online on Sunday night and I get them on Tuesday – how awesome is that? Of course, once I got them, I danced around the house (a bit…) and then went off to text Clay about it, since he’s going with me. I’m not quite sure which I’m more excited about: just getting the tickets in the mail or just the idea of seeing one of my favourite musicals being performed live. Ahh, so excited. And we’re not even going to be seeing it until July either and it’s still June! Maybe the excitement will die down a little bit (and, of course, spike up once it gets closer to the actual day!). But I think it’s going to be a while until the excitement actually dies down. The tickets came with a cute little heart-shaped bookmark that’s currently sticking out of my current read (a smutty romance that’s kinda disappointing me on the level of smut that’s in it so far). So, excitement is still somewhere up there!

Other than that, there hasn’t been a whole lot going on. I’m due to go back to the library soon to pick up a hold (another smutty romance novel, of course… Everything that I have on my ‘hold’ list so far is smutty and somewhat romantic. I have a one track mind sometimes, I swear.). Umm… I’ve been attempting to figure out what I will be taking in school for the upcoming school year – my registration date until just under a month from now. So I’m not too worried about it. The only thing I’m concerned about is not getting into the 100-level calculus class that I… sort of need to take to fulfill my lower-level requirements for the General Science program (not required for nursing, but if I would like to stay in the Gen. Sci. program, the advisor tells me that I need to take the damn course). So I’m retaking calculus. Which may be the death of me, but I will be taking that along with (hopefully!) three biology courses. I’m trying to make up for the fact that I took a huge crapload of arts credits last year (psychology, English literature x2, family studies) in an attempt to boost up my overall GPA. Which sort of worked. Except the big GPA-booster was actually one of my hardest classes. Or what I thought would be the hardest: my human anatomy and physiology course. Which cost me over $1000 and countless hours of studying and reviewing and so many lab hours… But it was worth it in the end. And now I’m just rambling about school… in June.

And Amanda, I’m just going to be banning the burning of smutty romance novels. =)

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  1. That would bother me to no end! I don’t understand why some people have such a difficult time completing simple, quick tasks. Uhg. I’m glad you figured it out though.

    Ooooh! Play tickets! IN THE MAIL! Yeah. I honestly would probably be more excited for the mail. I love mail. So much. What play are you going to? I also adore theatre. o.O

  2. Hey! Yea. As soon as the domain contest is over, I’ll get the link down. That’s what screwing up my HTML validation. No biggy ;D
    Anyway, thanks for stopping by!

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