Ahh, gift suggestions, how I love thee. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), there’s already a few external hard drives kicking around in my house. And I heart the DVR (my dad can never seem to figure out how to use it, no matter how many times I write out instructions for him!). But my sisters (J and D) and I decided (and went shopping for) his Father’s Day gift today! It’s currently in a shopping bag in my room (since he hates coming in here – apparently he just can’t stand the mess!).

We went shopping with the idea of getting him some new shirts in mind. We ended up getting him a grey dress shirt, a light tan/brown shirt (two colours), one package of Ice Breakers mints (he loves those, but will never buy them for himself – he just steals them from one of us whenever we have them) and we will be going out for lunch tomorrow (and thus, another part of the Father’s Day gift). My mom told us his shirt sizes (because we’re crap at planning and didn’t check before leaving the house) but she was really happy with our choice in the dress shirt as she think it’s a lot nicer than the ones that he has right now.

So there was that… Then there was a little bit of grocery shopping, I also went to the library where I picked up the new smutty romance which did not have as much smut as I had originally anticipated! Very disappointed in that. However, I did pick up two jewellery books for inspirational photos. Which was awesome.

The family (and myself, obviously) went out for dinner tonight with my uncle and aunt. I saw one of my coworkers at the restaurant, and my mom also saw one of her old coworkers at the restaurant as well. So that was interesting. When my sister went to pay for the bill, my aunt was gushing about how ‘great’ it must be to have daughters (as she only had boys) and how wonderful we were and wasn’t my mom just proud of the fact that we were all so skinny and polite. I didn’t think much of the comment as my aunt’s always either saying that we all eat too little or that we don’t eat enough (most of the time it’s that we don’t eat enough). My mom’s answer to that pseudo-compliment? She gestured to my sisters and went ‘they’re skinny’ and then gestured to me and went ‘but she’s put on weight lately, she’s fat now’. Thanks mom… Love you too. At that, my mom and my aunt started discussing dieting tips… for me.

I’m not quite sure if I’m more bothered and upset at the fact that they were discussing me like I wasn’t even there (and when I tried to speak up, my father told me to stop interrupting my elders… He was talking to my uncle, so he wasn’t paying attention to the topic) or the fact that they were discussing plans on how to dictate and limit my food intake. And they started by asking the waiter to only bring six desserts instead of seven.

Anyways… So how was your Saturday?

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  1. I think it’s a Chinese parent thing, my mom LOVES talking about me and my sisters to my aunts while we’re within hearing range. VERY annoying because you can’t interrupt them (well, sometimes I do, lol, and mess up my mom’s whole story — hah!)

    And god, you’re so NOT fat.

  2. Aw, poor Michelley. You’re underweight, not fat! In a good way, btw. Never thought that asian parents could be worse for body image than all forms of media combined! =P

  3. Honestly though, that’s such a Chinese thing. “Fat” to most Chinese is normal and healthy to any sane person! Don’t think about what they said too much – I’m sure you’re perfect the way you are. *hugs*

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