My coworkers (of the non-administration variety) all have a sort of bond and, for the most part, get along great. But they’re also big on joking around and that occasionally includes me. Which is fine… Except when I get an orange thrown at my face (happened last year). Which still gets brought up from time to time.

So today, because the Powers That Be decided there was cause for celebration, there was pizza lunch. Which is always nice, considering it’s a change from my leftovers from dinner. So at 11am, there were a lot of people in the lunchroom where all the copious amounts of pizza boxes from a local restaurant were piled up high. Since I had started work today at 7am (as opposed to my regular 8am start), I took lunch earlier as well. Some of the guys from the floor were there and already eating away at one of their slices while there was this one guy who was picking toppings off of his pizza.

The olives from the Greek? Taken off. Pineapple from the Hawaiian? Removed.

All these toppings were piling up onto his plate, along with the crust.

I asked if he had something against pineapple, and he said that he just didn’t like it (but liked ham portion of the pizza). One of our coworkers sat down across form him (but next to me).

So, at first, he fake-throws a piece of pineapple at me, and throws it at the person who just sat down. But the second one? Not-so fake-throw. I was just happy that I didn’t wear a white shirt today. Third and fourth were fake throws. The fifth to seventh pieces were not. I managed to duck those ones though.

Not only have I had an orange thrown at me at work (last year), I’ve had pineapple too. I got back at him by allowing him to think that I had tossed his cell phone out of the open window (I had placed it into a pizza box). Perhaps it was a little cruel – a little bit of emotional turmoil in exchange for a piece of fruit hitting me in the shoulder but…

C’est la vie!

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  1. “C’est la vie!” That’s life? Trying to practice my french, haha.
    Dude, I get pissed when people throw crap at me. Especially food. I’m easy going, but not when I get food on my shirt. At least you got him back, haha.

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