Plans, plans, plans

When did I get a social life with actual plans and where can I return it? I mean, seriously, I spent years doing nothing on weekends (3 hours of learning Mandarin on Saturdays from the age of 6 to the age of 14 does not count as doing ‘something’ because I would have much rather […]

I want off this roller coaster. Now.

Wednesday… What can I say about Wednesday? Work Issues… Well, for starters, it was 40 degrees today. Celsius, for all you people thinking “Zomg, that’s so cold!” as that would be 4.5C – which is almost freezing! – if that was 40F. But no, it was 40C, which is 104F. Yeah, I was incredibly not […]


So what is a girl to do when gets questions (and comments) like the following? Write a blog entry, of course! Those Blythe dolls are scary. And I’m not too sure why people like them so much. o_O – Dane I’ve never really understood the whole Pullip-Blythe obsession some of my friends have, so could […]