Wednesday… What can I say about Wednesday?

Work Issues…
Well, for starters, it was 40 degrees today. Celsius, for all you people thinking “Zomg, that’s so cold!” as that would be 4.5C – which is almost freezing! – if that was 40F. But no, it was 40C, which is 104F. Yeah, I was incredibly not impressed. My general office area is like a neat little freezer, which I fully approve of, in terms of temperature. I heart the air conditioning at work. It’s only cold because it has to be kept cool (my cubicle is in the same area as the company servers). The rest of the building was piping hot. Plus, it still smells like tar because the roof is still getting done. Oh, and the roof people? They somehow get chunks of stuff into the building and falling onto the floor and stairs. I am not impressed. At all.

Work was kind of hellish. People from Building B realized twice today that they had sent me old(er) documents that had all the data that I was entering. Each of those original documents took a week each as I needed to collect the rest of the data, enter it in, double check everything and then it gets checked off. I had moved on from both of those files about 2 weeks ago. And now they decided to go “Oh hey, we have a newer copy of the data – sorry about that”. So I spent a lot of today cross-referencing data and really wanting to pull my hair out.

And to make matters worse, I had a fight with Clay today. While I was cross-referencing, going in and out of meetings and really wanting to pull my hair out. Emotionally, I was just drained for most of today. I had lunch late, I wasn’t happy for most of today. Mostly because of work, and then because of the fight. But we worked through that (the fight, not the work). I still have more cross-referencing to do, but at least I’m not longer fighting with him. I mean, looking back, the fight was pretty stupid. Although, looking back on most of the fights we’ve had… Most of them have been pretty stupid. Of course, some of them have been valid, but for the most part, we have fights over really stupid things. Sigh. But, we’re not fighting any longer.  Which is good, because I hate fighting with him, or anyone else for that matter.

My dad was going on and on about my weight and how much I eat today during dinner. I ended up in tears over it because he just wouldn’t stop it. I was told by him that I was being dramatic and that I should stop trying to seek attention. Don’t really want to get into it so…

Crafting, but shh….
Moving on… I’ve been working on a top secret project lately, that will get posted over at when it’s done (and given away!). I’ve been keeping mum on it since I don’t want to spoil a certain friend’s birthday surprise before her party. Of course, C, if you’re reading this, you obviously know it’s about you. But luckily, I haven’t told any of our mutual friends about it yet. So it’s being kept a secret for now. (I’m impressing myself so far, normally I can’t wait to share my present ideas – I think I’ve grown up a bit!). So I’m quite excited to see friends, and friends of friends, this weekend. I need to get out more and do something, you know? I feel so lazy, laying about my house and just playing with my dolly. Although, to be fair, at her price, I’d better be damn well playing with her! She’s not paid to look pretty, after all.

Anticipated new arrival…
Speaking of dolls… My second Blythe (and first EBL!) is currently in Canada! Canada Post finally updated with her status, after having her as ‘just left origin country’ for over 24 hours (like it takes 24 hours to fly from Tokyo to BC!). But she’s finally in Canada. I just need to wait for her to get through customs before she gets delivered. I’m so, so, so excited for her to arrive (even though I just paid for her on Sunday, she’s already in the country! I’m totally in love with EMS shipping!), the shipping time has been just so fast! Now it just depends on how fast Customs wants to be for me. The last time I got a package from overseas, it was a set of stuffies from my uncle in Hong Kong, it took a month to arrive. They picked regular air mail though, which I suppose explains it. It kicked around customs for a while and the box got opened, but everything was there so I was pretty damn happy. I always get really excited for mail that I know is coming to arrive. Especially when it comes with cute things inside. I do have a name picked out for her, but I’m going to wait until I get her in my hands to see if her name fits her or not. Still, so excited! And beyond talking about doll purchases, all other doll posts will go onto my dolly blog, Little Miss Sophie, instead of here.

Anyways… How was your Wednesday? I hope it went better than mine did!

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  1. My dad gives me a hard time about my weight/eating, too. I think he thinks he’s trying to help me, but it really just hurts. If you ever need someone to rant to about dads, I’m a good listener.

  2. Aw hun I’m sorry you had such a horrible Wednesday. Fights always wreck my day especially when it’s with someone you love. I’m glad you are not fighting anymore at least. I also can’t believe how your dad comments on your weight and what you eat. That is such a horrible and disrespectful thing and I just think it’s so wrong. I’m sorry that you have to put up with that.

  3. Screw your Dad. Your weight is fine. Who cares as long as your healthy. I’m glad it’s starting to cool off too.

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