I spent most of today double-checking other people’s work. It was great. Really. Can’t you just tell how enthused I was by it? </sarcasm>

I had 3 different highlighter colours (green, yellow and blue) for various meanings (green = wrong unit of measurement; yellow = spelling error; blue= Just. Plain. Wrong.). I highlighted a lot today. A lot. You would think that a couple of guys who pride themselves on being able to code things in 5+ different languages each (Seriously, I heard them listing the various ways they knew how to code things the last time they were both there. I wanted to be like “Wow, you know HTML… My sister can say the exact same thing.” – my sister’s not very good at it. She can’t manage tables, but she still says that she knows HTML, just not well.) would be able to manage things like… The word ‘temperature’. It should not have 2 M’s and 2 A’s. Consistently. In various wrong spellings.

Needless to say, today wasn’t particularly fun. Oh, I was also given the task of researching reasons why a specific appearance defect was occuring. Without being told what was added into the material. Thanks, really. Goose chase, much? But, in the end, I figured out what it was. Which took a while… (2 hours, if you wanted to know). Found out the name of the defect, why it was occuring, and ways to correct it. In 2 hours. I rewarded myself with cashews as that was all the snack items I had in my desk.

The roof at work is getting redone. They’ve moved their ‘stuff’ onto the side of the building closer to where I normally spend time is now and it’s reeked of tar for the last few days. It does not help that the temperatures have been rising over the last few days either. Mmm, tar smell. Toxic fumes. Yum. They’ve bought a bunch of new fans (mostly for use in the offices areas, since the tar smell gets really concentrated the offices pretty much all of them only have 1 door and if they do have a window, it opens directly to the direction where all the tar fumes are coming from). Have I mentioned that it makes me incredibly sick to my stomach every single time I have to walk from my cube to where my mom’s work area is? Toxic cloud, whoot… I can’t wait until they’re done working on the roof. It’s not happening soon enough, really it’s not! I’d prefer to be able to breathe without the urge to gag every single time that I inhale.

Also, I get really confused every single time that someone at work makes a comment like “Wow, you look like a girl today”. Is this somehow different from any other day? Like wearing a skirt or a blouse is supposed to suddenly change my gender or my overall appearance? I mean, really, it’s been said whenever I wear my hair down, whenever I wear my hair in pigtails (or braids, like today). As well as whenever there’s a headband on my head. Or if I’m wearing a skirt, capris, blouse or anything that’s remotely low cut (my definition of ‘low cut’ is very conservative though). I wasn’t aware that my usual attire of pants and a t-shirt suddenly meant that I was emulating masculine qualities. Really. Someone should have said something.

And I’ve realized that most of my entries lately have been about work. There’s a very good reason for that, actually: because work’s been negative lately. And it’s easier for me to write about work (and how bad it’s been lately) than it is to write about the good things. Like, umm, working on my dolly blog (I have finally decided on a name for the blog! I’m just tweaking the design today and hoping to get some of the pages done tomorrow!). Or spending oodles of time watching television? Yeah, because no one wants to read about that, haha.

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  1. Wow, sounds like work really sucked. Sorry. 🙁 It frustrates me when people act/talk like they’re better than they really are. Toxic fumes? Nice. I can’t stand being hot at all. XP I practically melt in school.

    I can definitely relate to the whole gender mishap thing. It pisses the hell outta me. Sometimes when I dress, I feel like I look like a guy so I’ll do my hair up or something to balance it out. I know how you feel, though. 🙂

  2. Haha, I sympathize with your desire to complain about work; when it sucks, what can you do but want to share about its crappiness? XD But, yeah, that sounds like it’s really miserable. D: I hope the construction clears up soon so you can enjoy clean air once more!

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