I found some down time, so I’ve been blogging a little bit.

My friend’s birthday/sleepover was fun! We watched this action movie (Eagle Eye) which was actually quite good. Maybe I just like the whole car crash, plane crash, gunfire type of thing. In movies! Not in real life. Thank goodness…

Photos of my friend’s gifts are up on my crafting/writing website – Chelle-Chelle.com where they take up two entries. One is a hat that she probably won’t even consider wearing for more than a second until it gets remotely cold around here (hello autumn?). It has cooled down considerably yesterday and today. It’s gotten a lot cooler and I actually needed to sleep with a blanket yesterday. Granted, it was was a thin travel blanket, but it’s backed by something that’s a bit like fleece, so it was kept me moderately warm. I saw her friends that I rarely see, mostly because I attend a different university then all of them… So there was a lot of ‘let’s tell Michelle some school-related stories!’ moments, which was entertaining. I’d tell them about my school, they’d tell me about theirs. It all worked out quite nicely.

My new Blythe doll (Love Mission!) did arrive yesterday. My sister D called me while I was at work to tell me that she signed for my “stupidily expensive” doll. She put the package in my room so my dad wouldn’t see it and freak out over me spending (my own) money again. My dad’s really amused with Sophie though, he thinks that she’s really neat because of the changing eyes. My new doll is still in her box because I didn’t have the time to pull her out and savour the whole unboxing moment. Not today either, I don’t think. Maybe tomorrow, but definitely by Monday. I have decided to name her Belarus. I wrote about her arrival over at Little Miss Sophie.

I’m going to be hanging out with Clay later today, so that should be fun. I’m so tempted to call him up and be like “I’m bringing my dollies with me!”. But I’ve decided to not be completely doll crazy today (key word: completely). I have no clue what we’re doing today or where we’re going… I’m just waiting for him to wake up! He’s still on graveyard shift so I know he does technically need his sleep but… it really is too bad that he puts his phone on silent when he goes to bed, or else I’d call or text him until he wakes up (lovingly, of course).

Anyways… I’m going to go and probably do some crocheting. I’ll hopefully catch up with everyone’s blogs… eventually? I think the only way I’ll manage that is if everyone stops blogging for about a week or so, then I’d get all caught up.

Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

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  1. It’s crazy to me that it’s August already. o.o Our weather has been very mild for summer around here, so not only has the season felt unusual, but it’s crazy to see my friends starting to get ready to head to college. My school starts rather later than everyone else’s, so I get to be the last to leave and watch everyone pack up first; luckily, many of my friends will still be close by. 🙂

    I’m glad to hear that you are loving your dolls; an “expensive” purchase is so worth it when it makes you so completely happy. ^_^ Have fun hanging out with Clay! 😀

  2. I hope you have fun with Clay!

    Belarus is a lovely name. Your dad shouldn’t freak out over you buying with your own money!

    It’s so cold over here, I need a blanket all the time. It’s hard to believe it’s supposed to be warm over there.

    My mum finally let me out without my dad. I think it was just a spur of the moment thing or something. 🙂

  3. Cool gifts! That was pretty rude of your sister to say it’s stupid and expensive. I guess that’s what siblings are for, though. It was nice of her to protect you from your dad’s wrath, at least. I don’t think that he should be upset about you spending your own money!! I think it’s great that it makes you happy.

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