Study Mode: On

Not a whole lot to report, but I have the urge to just blog right now. Granted, I’m starting this at 11:57pm on Friday… So yay, this’ll be posted on Saturday, of course. I don’t know why I felt the need to mention that, I mean, you can tell by the date stamp when this […]

4th Year Rambles

I’ve been sending a lot of time hitting the books since the term began. It’s my last first term of this degree (fingers crossed). I have four classes. Four classes that I didn’t always like. I liked the idea of them. I liked the descriptions of them. I hated the amount of work that each […]

M.I.A. no more?

Apparently I’m completely crap about blogging on a semi-regular basis. It’s probably due to the fact that it’s technically summer and I generally don’t do so well in the summer with blogging – I’m almost positive that my most productive times are around midterms and when I should be studying for finals because that’s how […]