I should correct myself from yesterday’s ‘I-hate-people-esque’ type of entry…

I’m not exactly working in a group. See, my supervisor/boss-type-figure hired 2 people (whom have worked with the company before) to create a program for work (I am not actually doing any of the programming). I collect the data and tell them how things should look. So, in other words, I basically give them the little gold stars (or okays) to say that something is a-okay and done. In other words, they do the work, tell me that they’re done, I proofread all the documents (… all 20+ of them!) and come back with a list of ‘issues’ that need to be resolved. ASAP. They hate me, they really do. Because all I ever have is bad news.

Occasionally I heart my job. Until I get told that I’m supposed to invite myself to a meeting with people that I don’t actually know. Yay, work.

I’ve decided to clean up my room a bit today and I have toys arranged on my window sill now. I have a bunch of small 80s plastic toys lined up, some more modern-ish toys (not that I’m saying that 80s is incredibly old…. or anything). I need to take a photo of that soon. So my window sill looks great (at the moment) since I dusted it and all… Plus, my craft supplies ‘section’ of my room is looking rather neat too. The rest of my room? Not quite…It’s a bit of a disaster zone. I want to get it all nice and clean before school starts (… the only time my room’s ever cleaned?). So more clean, more crafting. Whoot, whoot?

Anyways… I do have a hypothetical question for you all!

If you had a sudden small windfall of $500 (USD or CAD or € or £ or whichever currency you use) that you are required to spend on anything you want (that is not rent, bills, debts, etc) and cannot be saved for emergencies or in a bank account… What would you spend it on?

Just curious in what you’d all spend a teeny tiny fortune on.

Hope you all had a wonderful Wednesday – the weekend’s almost here, yay! I am so ready to be done work this week… It’s rather sad, considering I had Monday off too. Ahh well. And I realize that I kinda bitch and complain about having plans all weekend long but I really want to do something this weekend! I only have 5 more until school starts so… -crosses fingers- I think I want to go to the aquarium this weekend. Now just to find someone to go with!

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  1. Hmm, sounds like quite the interesting job. 😀 But I don’t see why those fellows hate you — you’re just doing your job to help make sure their job is running smoothly. It’s not like you’re going out of your way to point out their mistakes. :/

    Haha, hooray for neatness, even if it is only in a few areas. ^^ My room was rather messy for a while, until last week when I just got fed up and went on a super cleaning spree. There’s still stuff to be done, but it doesn’t look nearly as awful now. 😛

    I instantly know what I would spend said money on. ^^ A good portion of it would go toward clothing — most of it really; anything fashion — clothing, accessories, makeup. I have a love for the stuff, but rarely the money to spare to indulge myself. D: And the rest would go toward books. :] I like books, haha.

  2. My goodness. I don’t think I could invite myself to meetings with people I didn’t know. Props to you for being able to do that. I’d be too shy.

    $500? I’d probably spend it on parts for my computer to make it better. I’m always looking to improve my computer.

  3. I think that the books should be paid for as well, unless all the classes I sign up for happen to be the ones with expensive books. 😛 Well… assuming I got some federal money, it should be all covered for at least the first quarter.

    Haha, it’s only so inexpensive because it’s community college. That’s partly why I decided to go there in the first place… that, and I want to live at home and can’t drive, so I’m limited to public transportation, and to go to a university would take an hour or more one way.

    What are bursaries?

    Okay, so the money can’t be spent on anything you *need* is what I’m gathering… I would never be able to spend it all at once; I have issues with spending that much at a time, since we’ve never had that much to spend. I’d probably buy a new graphing calculator, a new laptop case, go to the county fair, and buy clothes. 😛

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