Yes, I make up words. Thank goodness for not being an English major. (Even though I like English and literature and all that jazz.)

My desk has changed quite a bit from yesterday to today. For instance, when S (who works in reception) came by to deliver my ‘mail’ (papers sent from Building B to Building A for me), she commented on the fact that she could no longer see the ‘crappy woodgrain’. I literally had my desk covered in papers. I tidied it up (a little) before I left work today, but it was still messy. I’d love to say something like ‘chaos breeds creativity’ but I don’t really do anything that’s creative at work… I do data entry and make people’s lives miserable. I did enjoy spending time with people today, sometimes I just end up being incredibly moody at work and people just bug the hell out of me. I mean, I do like work. But there are just some days that I don’t want to talk to anyone and all I do is sit in my little grey cubicle and work.

I had this conversation with a coworker today:

M: So what do you plan on doing this weekend?
D: I’m doing a triathalon.
M: …………. Why?
D: Because I can. What are you doing this weekend?
M: Nothing much, just crafts and stuff.
D: By ‘crafts’, do you mean ‘I’m going on eBay and buying more dolls’?
M: … No. By crafts I mean actual crafts.
D: So you’re not going to look at sales or auctions of dolls at all?
M: … I didn’t say that.

I hate being predictable sometimes. But I’m just so bad at being spontaneous. But tomorrow will be spent mostly sewing for my dolls, probably making some jewellery and the like. I have plans of making another bunny hat and then there’s my sudden need to have a teddy bear hat. Poor dolls, having to wear my ugly creations. Oh wells.

What are you planning on doing this weekend?

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