Before I get started today, I feel like giving a shoutout to Caity. She recently ran her first giveaway on her blog for a product called the HairZing, a double comb hair accessory, and I found out today that I was one of the winners! So go and check out her blog, she takes some gorgeous photos (and writes well too).

I spent a lot of time out today with the family – shopping (photo right down at the very end!) and I went out for lunch with them as well. We tried out a new restaurant and the servers there were just so… into hovering. My sister J offered to pay for lunch, so the bill came and she was putting her credit card into the little plastic slot and before she even closed the folder, one of the servers took it straight out of her hands. Then later, a woman brought back the receipt and her card with a pen. My sister signed the bill first and then one of the servers was right there again to take it from her and she had to pull it away from them in order to keep it. So the person backed off, but was standing right at the table as my sister was writing in the total and then copying the total onto her own copy and then the server pretty much snatched it up as soon as she set the pen down. A little overzealous there…

And, since I have a history of mentioning every single time I have an emotional breakdown on my blog… Guess who recalled a past conversation with the company pervert and got distraught over how naive and stupid she was when she was 17? And if you guessed “Michelle”, you get a gold star. Sort of. I hadn’t thought about it in ages. I mean, for a few months after I went back to school, I didn’t really care about the conversations that I had had and the pseudo friendship that I had developed with this person. And then last night I kind of just… Remembered. I really hate doing that, mostly because I end up being distraught. But it was late at night, so I couldn’t make a scene and tried to avoid waking up my parents. And there was no one to talk to because everyone in my house was asleep and I couldn’t think of anyone who would be available to take at that time. I ended up going to sleep eventually (obviously, or else I’d be crashing right now). I got a few hours of sleep (maybe about 4-6?) before I had to get up again, since my parents want to go out (I apologize for writing in a messed up order…). I have no clue when I got some damn emotional though. I used to cry like 1-2 times a year. Maybe, if that. And now it happens a little bit more frequently and I’m just a whole emotional mess now. Sigh. So depressing.

Especially when I’m considering the fact that I was distraught over having once being naive enough to be friends with this person. And that’s about it. I feel like going “Damn you, emotions, get yourself in check!”. Ugh, I need to go hug a doll or something and be less trusting (not towards dolls, but towards people). Hello, reality check, I need to cash you in somewhere.

And, just so I am able to end off on a somewhat happy note, I had a little bit of back-to-school shopping that I did today… Or attempted to, before I remembered that the prices are a lot lower when it’s just a little bit closer to the start of school (and when my parents are there, they’re the ones who are going to pay for my printer paper so… might as well wait and get a better deal!). So I ended up getting new back-to-school shoes. My sister got new shoes as well, but hers are all white so they were kind of boring… But here are mine! All the colours make me smile when I look at them.


I honestly don’t remember the last time that I’ve own regular shoes that aren’t very… sportsy looking. And by ‘regular’ shoes, I mean ‘wear every day’ type of shoes… So my heels and boots don’t count, because I would kill myself just by attempting to wear them every day (me + heels + iced over stairs…).

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  1. hey! aww i love plaid. and hearts. and shoes lol
    I have alot, but they are …who knows where, because i havent seen half of them since we moved!

  2. Thanks for the shoutout. 🙂

    I hate hovering waitresses or any type of service person for that matter. It comes across as rude to me. I think about how I would want to be treated if I were the customer and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t want to be hovered around or asked if I need help finding something every 3 seconds. Oh well.

    Those shoes are adorable! I want them! Most of the things I buy are very sportsy looking too. I live in adidas sandals for 80% of the year, I think. I think I’ve worn heals one day in my life.

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