12 more work days, 12 more work days, 12 more work days!

I sound so excited to be done, and I think in a way, 4 months was plenty for me this summer. I still like the people at work (well, the ones I previously liked), and the work is still easy peasy, and it’s fantastic seeing the boyfriend on a nearly daily basis. But I’d kind of like to be done now and go back to school. So like I said, 12 more work days!

But there’s so much stuff to still get done before I go back to school. I’m attending a friend’s birthday party this weekend, I also need to do some back-to-school clothes shopping and pay tuition. Then there’s the couple craft projects I currently still have on the go… I should get those things done, shouldn’t I? Oh, I also need for my school to put out the textbook list so I can actually go, and umm, I don’t know, buy the freaking textbooks? Honestly… There’s a little over 2 weeks left before school starts and no textbook list. Someone’s failing at their job… </end rant>

And work was pretty okay today, at one point I was talking to D and T walks in and D starts laughing his head off like someone said something really funny, but no one had said anything. So I ask D if he was off his meds again, and he comments that T and I both have the same generic id pass, rather than one with our photos. So apparently we’re “matching losers”. Oh, work people. I’m sure I’ll miss some of them. Maybe.

There is so much stuff I still want to do before I settle down and get back to studying and attending lectures and doing labs again… Some how I don’t believe I will be home very much for the last 2 weekends I have beforeĀ  school starts. I think I need more time… Not quite possible, but ehhhh, what can I do? It’s weird, because when I had loads of plans, I commented on how weird it was because I never have plans. And now that there’s a bit of time crunch between now and the start of school, I’m talking about how I need more time to do the things that I want to do. I’m sure it’s somewhat ironic, but since there’s not much that can be done, I suppose I will make do with the time that I do have left before I get thrown back into classes. Although I am looking forward to my psychology and my biology course… So I suppose that’s a plus!

Anyways, I did get some stuff done today (yay!). Quite a bit more pairs of earrings… I need to take photos of everything eventually (and then there will just be one big photo dump onto my crafts blog!) and organize them all (resize, watermark, link, write about…). So that’ll be fun to do… I should get on with making that light box, shouldn’t I? It’d be a lot easier than waiting for when I have time to take photos of things with decent natural light.

And… I hope everyone had a wonderful Wednesday!

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  1. Good luck getting all that done!! School’s getting nearer for you then?? At least you don’t have to go to work anymore. SOunds like you’ll be busy getting ready though, good luck again.


  2. Yeah, that’s one long summer. Damn. I hope you are able to get everything sorted before you get back into the swing of things for school. I bet things will get busy really fast.

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