11 work days left! My school still sucks and doesn’t have a textbook list up yet!

Remember how last year, at the end of the summer when I was complaining about having 10+ projects going on to finish and get signed off? Remember all that? The pain and suffering I went through? (I try to forget.)

This year, I have exactly one project to complete between now and my last day. I started it sometime last week, so it’s a little over 3 weeks for one project. Which is fine and dandy… I get to set up meetings and get suggestions and comments and source out materials and get approval over the whole thing and have a prototype made and then finalize a budget and hope I get final approval. All in 11 days.

I may end up ripping out all my hair within the next 11 work days. Just a heads up, in case you see me on the street and notice the lack of hair on my head… Just saying.

Oh, and I decided to do a count today and I have 27 pairs of earrings that I need to photograph. Along with 3 bracelets and 2 necklaces. Yeah… Guess who’s fallen behind on that a bit? *tentatively raises hand* I’ll get on that. … Not tomorrow though. Or Saturday. Maybe Sunday, but I doubt it. Whoopsies…

I was actually remotely productive tonight! I got some things done, cleaned and got yelled at (I file that under being ‘productive’). I did some crafting: cut some fabric (and fray checked! Just waiting a day for them to dry now), made some more jewellery, and worked on my friend’s birthday gift. Also watched some tv, worked on a new layout for one of my (many) sites and completely pissed off my father for being alive (joking… apparently, he’s convinced I was the one that left the cap off the toothpaste – I’m not the last one out of the house so it’s so not me… Unless someone doesn’t brush their teeth in the morning). All in all, it was a productive night, right?

Plus, you know, singing along with the Spice Girls is what all the cool kids do… (J decided to start playing some of their songs… I can’t believe I can still sing along with them!)

I so need a life.

How was your Thursday? I hope it went well!

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  1. Oh man, I hate stressful deadlines. o.o But I suppose they’re necessary for me, as I have a tendency to procrastinate. XD But that’s just me, haha.

    I actually wasn’t a big fan of the Spice Girls when I was a child; not that I didn’t like them, I just didn’t listen to them much. O.o Ah well. 😀

    My Thursday was very nice; one of my friends hosted a movie night and a bonfire, so I saw “The Prestige”. I liked it a lot.

    Best of luck dealing with your project!

  2. Aw, you poor thing. I hope the next 11 days go quickly for you and that the project goes well.

    My Thursday was pretty slow. Nobody was in the office with me all day so I did my work slowly and messed around on Facebook. Sorry!

  3. Haha, getting yelled at as a productive thing. I guess if you were wanting to get yelled at then, yeah. Otherwise I don’t think it counts. 😛
    Glad to hear there is only one project for you to have to get done. Less stressful, but even one can be stressful. :/ Good luck with it!

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