2 more work days.

Work has been a touch hectic. I’m alternating between working at my desk, helping a coworker move files and random stuff and working in production (mmm, cutting things with pliers!). Tomorrow is going to be my “End of Summer” lunch, which should be pretty fun. I’m also halfway done my dozen crocheted cupcakes (I have 6 completely stuffed and sewn up! I still have 2 more cupcake tops to crochet and then 6 cupcakes to stuff and sew together – which will be happening tomorrow). Ahh to self-imposed deadlines and not starting my epic ‘baking’ spree earlier… I think after this it’ll be a while before I make another crocheted cupcake, even if they’re so darn cute!  (No photos… yet.) My sister J picked up four of them and started juggling them, it’s so much fun to see cupcakes being tossed around in circles like that.

I posted a new entry yesterday over at Chelle-Chelle.com asking for pop can tabs (silver ones!). I know quite a bit of my offline friends do read this blog (and perhaps not my crafts site) so I thought I’d mention it here. I’m collecting them for use in a crochet project that I can’t start yet because… I don’t drink pop very frequently? My ideal beverages are iced tea, tea, water and hot chocolate (bottled, steeped, poured, mixed). Nothing that really comes in a pop can. So I plead for you to save them for me so I can make/get started on this new crochet project.

Things to do within the next week:

If you’re starting school next week (or started school recently), what do you still have to get done?

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  1. thanks for updating my stuff michelle i will def. check out those plug ins
    I would save you a TON of those things and mail them if you wanted. i’m sure it couldn’t cost that much to mail them. david drinks at least at least 24 in a week. plus what my mom drinks…

  2. You must be so thrilled to be going back to school! I know that when I’m awaiting a new semester, I become giddy with the idea of a semi-“fresh start”. Are you going to miss work? Do you plan to return to your job next summer?

    Good luck finding pop can tabs! If I lived near you, I’d definitely help you out. My family goes through a grotesque amount of soda!

  3. Sorry. I drink pop at friends birthdays…That’s it and even my Dad who’s a pop addict only drinks the crap out of the 2L bottles. Sorry. If I see any I’ll get them for you though =(

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