So this morning, my mom wakes me up at 7am to go shopping with her and my sisters as there was a sale that was starting at 7am (but we didn’t get there until around 8am). In my sleep deprived state, I agreed (!!!), but I ended up with some nice new clothes. We later went out for lunch (picked up my dad at home and dropped off everything we bought – including $30 worth of snack bars… It’s totally back-to-school time when all types of snack bars are on sale at the store!). Lunch consisted of dim sum at the regular restaurant that we go to – they know us by name and will comment if one of my sisters (or me) isn’t there.  I also bought some new notebooks for school and my sister picked up a small purse-sized notebook for her NaNoWriMo planning.

Oh, and I love sales. Except, you know, when I’m waking up at 7am for it. But in the end, it’s pretty worth it… Especially when I wanted to get some new jeans anyways and ended up with all of this…


I love the print on this tee. My sister liked the symmetry, I love the birds and the tree and the gradient and everything.
Original tag price: $10
Sale price: $4


Super cute baby doll top! With puffed sleeves! (I’m channeling Anne of Green Gables here.) It ties in the back and ends just past my waist. The tag said that it was ‘pink lemonade design’… It’s very spring/summery and I love it.
Original tag price: $18
Sale price: $8


Super soft cotton striped tee with hood.
Original tag price: $30
Sale price: $5

2 pairs of jeans (identical style, black and blue).
Original tag price: $45 (each)
Sale price: $12 (each)

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  1. Ooh, awesome clothes! You have great taste! Also, you found some pretty sweet deals! Nice job! You are making me want to go clothes shopping! Maybe when I lose a little more weight I’ll treat myself.

  2. The medicine did work on my wound; it’s now dry and it doesn’t hurt anymore! Awesome stuff indeed lol.
    7am is indeed too early to go shopping but if sale is included, I would not mind if I have to get up at 5 in the morning! 😀
    Looks like you had a really good deal on those clothings; my favourite would have to be the symmetrical tee and your jeans. I love the colours!
    That reminds me, I have to go shopping for clothes too since I am going to work soon 😀

  3. Wow those are some incredible sales! The Earth shirt is really cool. I love the stripey one though. The deal on the jeans too is amazing. What store was this at? I’ve been waking up around 4am every morning.. but I’ve also been going to bed really, really early. LIke.. before the sun goes down early. Weird schedule.. hoping to fix it tonight.

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