Grades were released for a reading quiz today. One of the questions is incredibly subjective (i.e. inform the instructors of what you did not understand so that they can go over what you didn’t understand in class), but we had to be specific, not just “I didn’t understand a thing”, of course. So you know, name specific reactions, name specific sections.

There is this one girl who posts on the online discussion board and she is so hilarious. She got 1/2 for the question regarding what she didn’t understand.

She starts off with:

There must be a mistake..
I also got one mark off on the last question which asks for your opinion as to what was most difficult for you.

The prof replied on the message board that she hadn’t answered the question completely (because she wasn’t being specific).
I did fully answer the question FYI.

I clearly stated “why” it was difficult, and if I had to pick a content, I DID pick one and let YOU know.

Is that not what the question asks? to let “your instructor understand” US ?

You have no right taking my mark nomatter HOW tiny of a percentage it is, your authority abusing attitude is just outrageous.

I’ve already given you reasons as to wHY this is not acceptable, and still, you’re telling me nothing but what you WANT to stick to.

Seriously, YOU WILL give me that mark back and I WILL get it back.

The thread got so intense that the girl was saying how she was going to show up at school (despite thinking that she has H1N1!) to talk to the profs about her grade. And then the thread got locked because the profs probably thought she was insane (haha) and then a student posted this later in the Off-Topic section:
I can’t help it, I just have to say this.

To the posters of the thread that ended up being called “[NAME REMOVED]” or something to that effect, that was awesome. I can’t reply to that thread because it’s now locked out…

Ms. [NAME], whoever you may be, your endless nerd rage over pitifully small amounts of marks because you have an apparently inadequate answer to a subjective question is fantastic. You are the type of person who makes reading chemistry forums worth it. If I were a professor, I would probably give you the less than .1% you don’t really deserve, simply because you probably blew a blood vessel freaking out over it. Your forum spasms where you add extra grammar symbols and capitalize the wrong letters of words is brilliant, such a delightful expression of the woes of going to big people school.

Keep up the hard work, you make my life seem so peaceful.


I love people at school sometimes. Like seriously… It is just so funny sometimes.

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