There’s this new store that opened up near my house. It’s a grocery store, it just opened sometime last month and it is disgustingly bright freaking sunshine-yellow inside. I feel like I need to be wearing sunglasses whenever I go in there.

Ahem. I’m getting sidetracked.

So after I got home from volunteering, based on the events of the last several weeks, I’ve been feeling kind of down and, overall, rather shitty. So I grabbed $5 and went to the disgustingly bright freaking sunshine-yellow store and went straight to the aisle with the baking supplies.

Feeling incredibly lazy, I bought a can of (chocolate) frosting (in hindsight, I should have bought two cans of frosting and just ate it all straight from the cans, but hindsight is 20/20, as they say – I will know better for next time) and a box of (chocolate) cake mix. And then I went home and I made everything according to the instructions. Baked the whole thing in a small cake pan. Pulled it out, turned it upside down and hit the hell out of the bottom of my metal cake pan until the cake fell out (badly, by the way, but that’s okay, because it was chocolatey delicious).

Then I used about half of the can of frosting on my somewhat cake-looking cake, somewhat crumbly-looking cake mess. Well, sort of half of the can. The larger half of the can of frosting, at any rate. And it went on the top of the cake and onto the sides of the cake.

And then I ate it (literally, the entire thing – but to be fair, prepackaged cake mixes do not yield a hell of a lot of cake to begin with!).

And then I feigned not being hungry because of a ‘big lunch’ to get out of stuffing myself with more food.

And then I went for a run for about 30 minutes (and walked home). Watched some television, ate some frosting (sans cake… meep). Then went for another run, then walked home. And then I… read my biology notes, did laundry, ignored my  NaNo-novel (despite being terribly behind on my word-count, but honestly, I just thought “fuck it” to myself in regards to NaNo – I’m not  a fan of my story at the moment).

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  1. I hope you feel better soon. 🙁 I don’t really indulge in food for comfort but I’m more of a chocolate person than a cake person (but I love frosting!). I hope you aren’t too sick from the cake. *hugs*

  2. Aww. Im not sure what exactly is going on. Ive been a little out of the loop. The last 3 days are a blur to me, to be honest. Work, work, sleep. In that order! Well, there was a tiny bit of sleep in between work, but anyway.

    I hope you are having a 100x better today and an excellent birthday!

    If it were me, it’d have been yellow cake and lemon or buttercream icing but yay for cake no less!

  3. MICHELLE!!!! I hope your feeling okay =(. Feel better soon

    Sorry, I haven’t posted on your blog in a while. Sooo busy OTL

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