I wish I could write plays. But all I do is transcribe conversations that I have and have heard. And honestly… this one takes the cake among all the conversations that I have and have heard. My school? It’s like a lush amount of hilarious or incredibly sad conversations. This one would be one of those WTF moments and one of those “I don’t have anything to say to this because I’m not sure what to say…”. I was bad at being sympathetic today.

Scene: biology class.
Players: Myself, R, friend of R that only occasionally sits with us (let’s call her L… her name starts with an M, but I took that one already)

R & M talking about… something
L sits down next to us, in tears
R & M exchange looks.
R: … Are you okay?
L cries more
R: L…?
L: Dbag* broke up with me!
R: WTF?! Why?
M: …. Who?
R: (aside) Her boyfriend, they’ve been dating for 7 years!
L: He broke up with meeeeeeeeeeeeeee *wails*
[People start looking at her.]
R: But why?
L: [tears] He says that [sniffles] he can’t be with someone [tearsx10]
R: Someone…?
L: He says that he can’t be with someone who isn’t pure. [voice full of hate]
M: Pure…? [my brain was mush today]
L: He says that he can’t be with someone who isn’t a virgin… [tiny voice]
R: … What?
L: And he’s the only boy I’ve been with! And he knows this! [sobbing]
M: [feels uncomfortable, doesn’t know L as well as R does, wishes for class to start]

* Dbag = douchebag = obviously not real name.

What the hell do you say to someone in that position? “Your exboyfriend of 7 years is a douchebag and I’m sorry you wasted 7 years of your life with someone who uses a crappy reason to break up with you because if everyone was equal, people who reject him for not being a virgin before marriage”? I wisely kept my mouth shut. And chewed on my Twizzlers. Because really… had no clue what to say to that. Because it was just so… I don’t know. Lame? The reasoning?

Anyways… My day has gone quite well. I woke up in an incredibly positive mood. I had breakfast (at home!) and got to my first class on time (unlike on Friday…). All my classes went well today – until my psychology class. My psych prof stutters a lot, as I’ve mentioned many times before, but he spent nearly 20 minutes on one slide. And wasn’t actually making any sense…Then there was going home. And ohmigosh, the rain, the rain! The weather’s been so incredibly… crappy lately. Rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, rain. Puddles everywhere, mucky rainwater, dreary rain clouds. And I work up in a positive mood? Not quite understanding that. But things have been going well today. Finished some schoolwork today, did some cleaning, made soup (… canned!)

Hope everyone had a wonderful Monday and will have an even better Tuesday.

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  1. You don’t eat much other than soup when there’s no one else around to cook for you, eh?
    I’d like to hope that breakup excuse is just a lie because he didn’t want to say the real reason…

  2. You know, I’ve seen the exact same thing on FML; the situation with her. That’s insane.. like.. something else had to have been going wrong, surely she saw it? But my God.. 7 years? I do feel bad for the poor girl.

    Hope youre having a good Tuesday.

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