Store #1: 4 pomegranates for $8.99 (~$2.25/each)
Store #2: 2 pomegranates for $0.98 (~$0.49/each)

All pomegranates were approximately the same size/weight, they were all also from the same state in the US (according to the label) and were all found in nearby stores in the same city where I live. Yet one store has them priced at $2.25/each and the other has them for $0.49/each. Not quite sure why on earth would drive stores to price the fruit so high. I mean, $0.49 for a decent sized pomegranate is an okay price. The same price for a single pomegranate, I could get… a breakfast sandwich at my current fast food restaurant of choice on my university’s campus. Or a freshly made sun-dried tomato bagel and a bottle of 100% fruit juice. Which, of course means that comparison shopping this holiday season includes not only electronic stores, clothing stores and my favourite book stores, but also grocery stores.

That being said… I’ve been shopping for clothes lately. I’ve finally been taking people’s advice (Clay, K, K, D, J, everyone…) and attempting to get clothes to dress more ‘my age’. Because someone commented on the fact that all they’d seen me wearing for the last two weeks have been cutesy cartoon-character screen printed tees or my pink cherry printed hoodie (which apparently screams being 16 – which is sad, I didn’t own that hoodie when I was 16). And so, new clothes. And you know what’s kind of fun? The fact that clothes stores have rather nice sales during the holidays. Need to take photos, but I will tell you all what my sister said when she saw the one that I bought today from Sirens.

“It looks like something for clubbing. Or a mock-corset. Or something that you’re supposed to wear underneath something else.”

Because, honestly, I’ve noticed that the whole ‘dressing my age’ thing does not work well when the majority of the clothing stores that cater to the people who are approximately my age tend to wear things that slow off cleavage like there’s no freaking tomorrow. And while I may not post photos of myself online, I’ll just have you all know that there’s not much to show off at all. Which makes the whole ‘dressing my age’ thing difficult when it makes me look like I’m dressing up (however, my sister does insist that I do look nice in the new shirt – however she may be biased due to the fact that she is related to me, but also she may also be truthful due to the fact that she is my older sister and therefore obligated to generally make fun of me if I’m wearing something that makes me look relatively dorkish), so I’m not sure which way I’m going to go with that. But so far on the quest of dressing more for my age…. 3 new shirts (over the last two weeks) that are all neatly hanging in my closet right now (it’s weird having clothes that I actually need to hang up in my closet rather than cramming it all in my wardrobe…).

So, do tell, what’s something new that you’ve bought in the last week? What did you wear when you were late teens/early 20’s? Share!

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  1. Noooo Sirens is definitely NOT the place to shop!!! They don’t really sell “everyday” kind of clothes … plus majority of their stuff sucks … (Er, that’s not to say what you bought sucks, I haven’t seen it, I have a few pairs of jeans I bought from Sirens too, just saying the majority of what they sell … yeah, this comment is totally gonna be taken the wrong way …)

  2. Lol @ Jinny’s comment. There’s a lot of icky stuff to sort through at Sirens but I definitely have a few favourite shirts from there that could be categorized as “everyday” clothes.
    I trust your taste and assume that anything you picked out isn’t as bad as what most people wear clubbing. And I know how you feel about lack of cleavage making it feel like you’re playing dress up. Sucks so much 🙁

  3. I’ve never really been told to dress my age or have someone make comments on my cute-printed t-shirts. It is nice of people to be honest though.

    I don’t really dress my age either – I’m still a bit on the teen side of things. Sometimes I like wearing boots and a dress and just something neater and less casual – it’s a bit hard to explain. But hey, I like my cute little tees and hoodie with a cute monkey on it. I look pretty young for my age as it is… but I just wear what is comfortable and looks nice. Perhaps if someone actually told me I should wear something different, I’ll take it into consideration, but no one has as of yet (my mum simply thinks my style is unusual and strange).

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