Felt so unproductive today. =( However, I worked on my notes for psychology (we know what is roughly on the final: terms from all the chapters that we’ve had to read in the textbook, plus 8 potential essay topics with 2 of them showing up) – I read all the chapters from since the midterm and started on the terms that I need to know for the final. Essay topics will be worked on and hopefully finished on by Friday… Hopefully. I’d like to have all my study preparations done before the weekend, that way I can just go over my notes all day on Monday before my badly timed exam (in the flipping evening). So, working away on all of those things while doing other things as well.

For instance, I made cookies. The recipe is from Kraft, as it was from the label on the jar of peanut butter that I have. They call them “Super-Easy Peanut Butter Cookies” and the recipe makes 24 cookies. I kinda mushed mine around so they don’t look very much like peanut butter cookies (… I didn’t use a fork to flatten mine, I used a spoon because I had one out, hah). All you need is a cup of peanut butter, 1 egg and half a cup of sugar. And yes, the nutritional info is listed on the side (Michelle made cookies with how much fat/sugar/sodium/calories per cookie?!). One thing that I would have done differently would have been to use the food processor to mix everything¬† rather than tossing it all into a bowl and mixing it with my spoon – does not work out well unless you’re really wanting some exercise for your arm. Delicious, but if you want them not to look like crap, I’d suggest using a fork to flatten them, rather than a spoon (lest they look like the weird cookies I ended up with!). Next few days shall be consumed with the baking of shortbread and sugar cookies… So excited, I got new Christmas-themed cookie cutters last Boxing Day that I’m finally going to use (yes, I get excited over new toys for baking). On that note…

Dear Santa, I’d like a KitchenAid stand mixer this Christmas… I’m sure your elves could make me one, right?

And I also knit something today. I’ve gotten back into knitting (yay), but now I’ve been depleting the yarn stash that I (sort of) have shared custody with my sister (to be fair, pretty much 80% of the yarn was purchased with her money – I happen to have visitation and occasional usage rights, provided I clear it with her prior to using yarn in one of the bins, the other bin is fair game). But it’s slow going, because I keep on dropping stitches (this is what I get for trying to knit while there’s the tv on, such a distraction).

But anyways… time to get back to writing out definitions on words that I won’t be caring much about, after my psychology final.

Hope everyone had a fabulous Tuesday!

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  1. Cookies! I want to make some too!

    Sadly, there’s no oven here.

    Not much Christmas either.

    I have an oral presentation in half an hour and procrastination is at it’s best right now.

    I made a joke about red muscle cells and white muscle cells today and no one understood it… *sigh*

    Ah~ Send me your adress too! And do you have Serena’s number? Can you call her up for me since she isn’t checking her email? (I’ll give you the pretty card~)

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