Back in 2003, I got my first and second domain names. One was initially bought to be shared with my bestest, K. The other was one than online friend, whom I have since lost contact with since. My second domain name was always my favourite, I had it for two years (June 2003 to June 2005) and then when I was unable to renew it, it got scooped up by a squatting companies which kept it for a while… (2005-2009). And today, when I was bored, I just happened to put it into the search engine at a registar. It happened to be available, I happened to have credit available (thanks to a certain twitter contest) so I registered it. I’m going to move all of my writing over to it (so that is just crafting related). Right now, it’s just a ‘coming soon’ page, but is registered and up. I love that name. Merry early Christmas to myself!

Today’s been full of watching a Christmas movie (Borrowed Hearts) and some non-holiday-related tv shows (Dollhouse), as well as some Facebook applications, some forums, Flickr, and working on the possible essay questions for my psychology final. Still not done yet. I have two more to attempt before I start bugging my friend for help, heh. Feeling ridiculously unprepared for it, I wonder how bad I’ll feel for it on Monday. However, I did make dinner tonight (yay) and it was edible (even more ‘yay’). Not much else to say today, since there hasn’t been a lot going on.

Hope everyone had a nice Friday.

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