Zomg. Last night, I left the house without the sisters or mom with me – hello, freedom! Not that I don’t love my family (I do), it’s just that I don’t like spending that much time with them because they start getting nit picky with me, or start commenting on the clothes that I wear or the food that I eat (which they do often enough at home, they’re always so much louder about it in public, or maybe it’s just me that feels that way). Anyways… I went out last night with a bunch of friends (S, J, B, C, S2 and C’s friend F) for dinner. I took the bus, since it was a restaurant near a bus stop. Which was also when I forgot that I *really* needed to use a tripod when taking night shots with the twilight/night time option on my digital camera, because this is the type of photo that I get:

Neat light effect, done completely without the help of a filter in Photoshop, but I was hoping to get a good shot of the tree that one of my neighbours had strung up lights on (it’s this huge tree that they have in front of their house – they rented a crane in order to get all the lights on and that star, the white blur at the top!).

Dinner was fun. There was an absurd amount of talk revolving around school though, not sure why though. Topics would include what people were taking, how they thought school was going. Cripes people, lol. I have a week before I’m going back to classes, I don’t need to think about school just yet. We went to White Spot, so pretty much all of us got some form of burger (one person did get fish and chips, I believe someone else got a type of sandwich with salmon? Whatever it was, it looked delicious.) S, ohhhhh S, she gave a bunch of us sugar cookies (and included the fact that they weren’t poisoned? I’m not sure what to think of that now…) and she ordered a burger and proceeded to eat it with a fork and knife. Which is fine, it’s not the first time I’ve witnessed one of my friends doing this in a restaurant that does not require that kind of action… But S wasn’t very good at it and had to ‘fix’ her meal on more than one occasion. Here’s her plate, at one point:

It actually looks neater than it really was because she did move the plate around, and her burger’s hiding the mess she made (plus, this was near the end of it and she was trying to put it all onto the fork at once – and failed). J posted another shot of this mishap onto Facebook and entitled it something like ‘eating burger fail’. Poor S. It was funny though, she was so determined to eat her burger from start to finish in what she called a “civilized manner” which was kind of funny, as I was eating my burger with my hands and managed to not get any crumbs on myself or mutilate my burger in any way, shape or form.

J also got me a small Christmas gift (yay!). It’s “Slinky Stick Notes”, I haven’t opened it yet so I’m not quite sure how they’re supposed to act like a Slinky, but it looks pretty neat. I’ll be taking photos of those. On the back, it says “works like a stick note, fun like a Slinky®”, not quite sure how though, but I shall be finding out later when I get a chance to open them!

Hope everyone’s been having a wonderful day. Been pretty chilly where I am, so I shall be trying to keep layers on today. =)

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