Dear my (first term) psychology professor,

I know, you had stage fright issues. It was obvious from the first time when you stuttered and said ‘the’ maybe five times in a row. It was even more obvious when you continued with this pattern throughout the rest of the term. And I do know that the final exam time that the school set for the class that you taught was the second to last day of the exam period and I know I was expecting a lot from you to have the final grades posted when the rest of my professors got their grades post.

But I wrote the final for your class on December 21st. Yes, I know there were a lot of students and I also know that there were 8 short answers and 2 essays to mark per student. But this was on the 21st. Of December. Of 2009.

It’s now January 3rd, 2010. Term 2 starts tomorrow and frankly, I can’t fathom what could have hindered you from getting the marks out before the new decade began. You even mentioned that we had to write our names and student numbers on all the pages because it would be separated for marking purposes. That implies that there would be more than one marker. Probably like 3, considering there were 3 pages. And I know you’re a very busy man.

But at the same time, might I remind you, that the new term starts tomorrow.

And this was not a two-term course.

So, that being said, I would like my final psychology grade for Infant Psychology soon. Before I have to go to your office and ask you for my grade. I’m so incredibly grouchy when I have to go to a professor’s office when I don’t want to be there. I’m sure I’m not the only student who’s wanting to know what they got in the class. While I’m positive that I did not fail the class (because that would be rather sad), it would be nice to know what I got in the class for other purposes.

Like calculating my term GPA. Like knowing where I rank, in terms of averages, with the rest of my peers.

And also just so I don’t have a glaring blank looking at me when I go and check my grades transcript.

Because, you know, I wrote the final on the 21st. It’d be nice if you could pick it up a little and actually get the grades out.


P.S. Don’t they have some kind of deadline for submitting grades? Also, you were fully ineffective as a professor and I learned more from the textbook than I did from you.

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