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Written on January 5, 2010 at 1:15 pm
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First off… is up and running and open. Please go take a look (I beg you).


Food! Be jealous! (Courtesy of dinner made by my mom.)


You have been warned.

My mom made New England style clam chowder last night! Look at that! She recently fell in love with clam chowder after she had it for the first time at Earls a little bit after Christmas so she ordered it again at a restaurant that we went to on Saturday (January 2nd). But the thing is, it’s pricey to always get it at restaurants, so my mom looked up recipes and combined two recipes together to get all the ingredients that she wanted in there (clams, bacon, celery, potatoes, whipping cream, milk, etc.).

Oh, it’s also the first time that we’ve ever had bacon in my house. I bet everyone in hell is feeling pretty chilly right now.

So here’s the clam chowder (we had an entire pot full, this was all that was left over, a small bowl):

Oh, and my mom also made bread. I’m not a fan of whole wheat bread usually, but I love freshly baked bread.

4 Responses to “Showing off”

  1. Jenn says:

    Can I come eat dinner at your house? I love soups! Clam chowder is something I’m occasionally in the mood for, and right now I am *definitely* in the mood for it!

  2. nancy says:

    Clam Chowder! Looks delicious ;)! Happy New Years& Hope you`ll have an awesome 2010!

  3. Danette says:

    I don’t like clam chowder because I don’t like clam D: loaded baked potato, though – that’s another story! 😀

  4. Angel says:

    Oh that all looks amazing! I love blogs about food. <3

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