So I have a glass light fixture thing over the lights in my room (on my ceiling). Last night, the screw cap got loose and it came down. The light fixture is in the centre of my ceiling. The corner of my bed also happens to be in the centre of my room. The glass fixture comes down, hits my bed and then (thankfully!!) bounces off of my bed and then hits a pile of library books. If it had bounced the other direction, it would have been my head. As it was, my hair had shards of glass in it and I’ve been vacuuming up little glass shards all day.

Needless to say, not entirely impressed. My light bulbs got switched something around New¬† Years from regular light bulbs to the energy saving ones and my sister had put my light fixture back up for me. The best guess is right now is that because there’s been a lot more trucks passing by the house (closest to my room) since the delivery entrance to a strip mall has opened up again, my room vibrates a lot more now due to the trucks. The guess is that all those vibrations loosened the screw (and not that my sister has it out for me and was trying to kill me, although that was joked about for a few minutes).

I heard the crash (from after the light fixture fell onto my bed and then onto the floor) and then woke up. I’m really thankful that I didn’t brush my hair back with my hand prior to anything else or else I’d probably have more cuts on my hands than I currently to (currently sporting two superficial cuts on my right hand and one superficial cut on my back of my head that’s covered by my hair, yay). There wasn’t that many pieces on my bed and most of it was on the ground (covering library books, a few pieces of clothing that got handwashed while wearing rubber gloves and a few other things). This prompted me to clean up the floor of my room (I got a cut on the bottom of my foot, then I switched from wearing just socks to wearing socks and slippers).

My mom offered, today, to take me out shopping to get a replacement glass fixture. I just stared at her for a moment and then said that I was absolutely fine with never having a glass light fixture over my bed ever again.

I almost wish that I had taken a photo of all the glass pieces on my bed/bedroom floor… Because now, thinking about it, it was quite pretty. But, uhh, I was more preoccupied with the thought that there was a) glass everything and b) glass in my hair and c) what could have happened if I was just sleeping with my head turned the other direction.

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