Completely not impressed.

Why? I’ve been working full time every summer break since I was 16 (a total of a little over 12 months of full time work) in order to pay for my tuition, to pay my student fees, to have money to pay for things going towards my hobbies (beads, yarn, fabric, dolls, etc.). It doesn’t sound like a lot, because I know some people who work part time throughout the school year, but I work to put myself through school, so I can afford to pay for tuition and everything else that I need to spend money on.

But I just found out that my dad, while he was on his trip, paid for my cousin’s tuition for a term at the university that he is attending. A cousin that I have never met. A cousin that my dad sees like once every two years, if that. He actually went ahead and paid for my cousin’s tuition.

Is it bad that I’m jealous? That my father paid for another person’s child’s tuition? Actually, do I care if it’s bad that I’m jealous? Just that I am.

I am so not impressed. Not impressed at all.

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  1. Wow…
    The only way this would maybe make sense is if one of your now deceased relatives that your dad was there to mourn was this cousin’s only living parent. Even then it’s a stretch…
    Why would he even talk about this in front of you or your sisters? So not cool.

    1. Nope, this cousin that I have never met (who’s a year younger, apparently. I always thought I was the youngest of my generation on my dad’s side – obviously not) has two living parents. My recently deceased uncle had no children.

  2. I had similar issues with my dad priotitising other (indreict) family members a while back…it sucks. I guess the only thing you can do is be proud of yourself that you’ve paid your own way (and store it up for future arguments!).

  3. I can understand where you’re coming from, but seeing as you’ve not met this cousin, I don’t know how I would feel in that situation. I have met all my cousins and because they live overseas and are really very poor, sometimes my mum helps pay for their school fees or lends them money for other important purposes.

    My parents are pretty tight on money. I buy the littlest something, for hobbies, even with my own money, and they make judgment (usually bad). “It’s too expensive”, “You don’t need that”, etc.

    But this jealousy you feel is normal, in my opinion. I think you sure as hell work your butt off for yourself, you could do with a bit of help too, I guess. I don’t know if your cousin is poor. If so, no need for the jealousy, though. xD

    In response to your comment – haha. I would have liked to name them, but I didn’t want their parents to get more involved in case she had seen the blog. I think they are pretty n00b about domains though, which is why I didn’t bother suggesting WhoIs protection! 😛 I liked laughing at the thought… yes, a little immature. 😛

    1. Heh, I never knew that this cousin even *existed* because his mom hardly ever contacts us – not even for Chinese New Year (and I’m sure you realize how big of a deal it is for the Lunar New Year). So I’m not sure about their financial situation, but I know from my dad that my cousin has a job and that his tuition was twice what mine was (after currency exchange).

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