Relatives are here from the States and they’re staying at a friend’s house. I was the one who made reservations at the restaurant for lunch, made sure everyone knew where they were going and also planned to be the one who would take public transit out to ‘pick them up’ (so to speak) and then take public transit to where the restaurant is (because of road closures). My aunt arbitrarily decides to call my dad up and inform him that she’s asked her son/my cousin to be the one who picked up the relatives. Fine, whatever, I didn’t really care that much. Of course, then she proceeds to call several more times, asking where the relatives were staying and then what their contact number was. Which, to be perfectly honest, you’d think if she was asking someone to do something, she would have been able to provided that information already. Guess not.

Oh, but what really takes the cake, and I’m guessing the reason why I’m writing about this, is that she informed my dad that it was “inappropriate” for him to suggest that I go and pick up the relatives (I volunteered to do it, I know the public transit system well) because “Michelle’s a girl! Do you know what can happen to girls?!“.

Seriously? You’re going to pull that card?

(By the way, my cousin (who’s picking up the relatives) is also going by public transit and actually called me to ask me how to get there by public transit.)

I got pissed with this comment since I a) take public transit at least 10 times a week, b) know the area a lot better than someone who doesn’t work/live/do anything in that area, and c) I am legally an adult and of the age of majority. Also, saying that just because I’m a girl that I can’t do something but her son, who cannot navigate the city for his life, can is the most ignorant and sexist statement ever.

I’m glad that I’m getting to see my relatives later today (yay!) but it honestly makes no sense to (at the last minute) change who’s doing what when her son has to pay for transit fare (I have a bus pass), her son cannot navigate the city (at all… I had to talk him through it while looking at a map… three times) and the relatives are expecting me.

Inappropriate my ass.

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  1. Doesn’t “do you know what can happen to girls?” imply safety concerns? It sounds like she’s more worried about you getting raped because you’re taking public transit on your own. Regardless, crazy aunt is crazy.
    Hopefully the rest of your time with your relatives goes better 🙂

    1. But I would have been taking public transit on my own (which I do every day…) at 11am. Well-lit, public streets. It’s not like I’m going at like 2am or something, then she can have all the concerns she wants.

  2. Uuugh. Wrong card to play. -_-

    You were being really helpful, and that was really unnecessary. You’re an adult and can take care of yourself, especially in your own town/city. A lot of incidences of rape and kidnapping involve girls but some people… O_o

    1. Especially since I would have been traveling the *daytime* on a weekend. I’d be on major roads only anyways. I really don’t see the issue, especially since I know the area. Oh well.

  3. Wow. Just Wow. I would be really pissed off too if that was me. Sigh.

    Oh well.. on the bright side..atleast you get to see your family..?

    Oh link! Yay.

  4. It’s also a bit of an insult to your parents, really… No matter that THEY are fine with you taking transit, she has to step in and correct them.

    Does she live in a city at all? Most of my family worries about me here, though it’s pretty small and the biggest threat are generally drunk college guys. They just automatically assume that city = danger because they mostly live in the middle of nowhere. (Which is far scarier, if you ask me.)

  5. I would be pissed too. It sounds like she was implying that just because you’re a girl, you can’t navigate the city transit system or do other public things on your own because of the risk of getting assaulted. Surely your aunt realizes that most sexual assaults are committed by people that the victim knows, and not just random strangers on the bus or in the subway. *sigh*

  6. That is pretty silly, I agree. I would be angry too. I used to always get upset when I had people say things about me, as well. My parents especially always pulled that card even when I was in college and would insist I didn’t do certain things unless I would have male friends with me.

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