The Not-So-Awesome Wednesday

Let’s get a few things straight: You don’t get to take out your anger at me when you’re the one who calls me up to talk. You don’t get to take out you anger at me when you ask how someone in my life is and I answer honestly. You also do not get to […]

I kind of didn’t see that coming…

My next door neighbour has tenants living in their basement. I hardly ever see them, but occasionally will and generally don’t interact with them (the tenants, I mean, not my neighbours! I love my neighbours, despite their poor taste in tenants). In the past they’ve had tenants that had very loud parties past midnight (my […]

Buying clothes because I can’t just walk around naked (duh).

Went clothes shopping today… Under the guise of wanting things that would be appropriate as office wear. Even though I am well aware that I’ll be dressy casual for (at most) a week and then revert back to tees, jeans and cardigans or hoodies. But both make me look awesome, so yay. New dress. Ends […]