Went clothes shopping today… Under the guise of wanting things that would be appropriate as office wear. Even though I am well aware that I’ll be dressy casual for (at most) a week and then revert back to tees, jeans and cardigans or hoodies. But both make me look awesome, so yay.

New dress. Ends right at my knees. $17.50 (original price, $35).

Close up of pattern. Reminds me of leaves. <3

New dress, ends mid-thigh (requires tights or leggings, definitely). Not sure why it ended up being so ‘glowy’ in the photo, but all the pics I took of it ended up like this… =/ It’s an off white at the top (almost a cream) and feels like a dream! (Hah, I rhymed.) $12.50 (original price, $25).

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  1. Ooh congratulations on the new job, by the way!

    When I worked in an office I was wearing suits and skirts because my mum told me to leave a good impression. Then I started wearing some nice tops and dresses. My boss was almost always dressed in just a t-shirt and jeans, and she did mention the wear was smart casual and more so casual on Fridays.

    I used to love wearing jeans and pants but now I’ve really taken a liking to dresses and skirts.

    I love the leafyish pattern! I don’t think patterns look too good on me though. I love the black and white dress, sounds like a bargain! And mid-thigh length dresses are definitely more my thing… I think knee length garments make me look short. O-o

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