And hey look, I’m still alive!

What have I been up to since my last final (Monday night)? Clearly not blogging…. I’ve done some baking (but, unfortunately, the proof of that has mysteriously disappeared…), some thrift store shopping (yesterday, with J), some reflection (on life – wow, I make myself sound old…), some playing of the Nintendo DS (Pokemon Platinum…) and […]


So I had my math final last night (starting at 7pm, bleh). I felt like it went fairly alright (then again, what do I know?). I had my biochemistry final today (yes, I know it’s a Sunday, someone should inform my university about that little tidbit too). And fudge it was difficult. =( On one […]

And the anti-derivative of e^(1.05x) is…?

Dear self, I love you, most days. See, I started off with a compliment! But for the love of my freaking sanity, could you please remember derivative and anti-derivative rules when it comes to trig functions and e? I know you hate e. You wish you could kill e and get rid of that letter […]