I don’t care, I don’t care, I don’t !@#$ing care.

I don’t care if you’re related to me (and happen to live in the same house as me), it does not mean you’re allowed to: Lend out my jewellery pliers to a visiting relative when she wants to fix something. No. That’s what the regular pliers are for. Not the pair designed for crimping that […]

From country bar to the ER

Last night I went out to celebrate the 21st birthday of a very country-music loving girl. It started off well. I got picked up by a super awesome designated driver (C) and there was already another girl in the car (M), who I mistook for the birthday girl because of a) the hair, b) I […]

Don’t throw stones whilst in a glass house.

It’s hard to go backwards once you legalize something. Let’s say abortion gets legalized, much to the horrors of the super religious and the morally self-righteous individuals. And then along comes a man, a little itty bitty excuse of a man (Cardinal Ouellet), who decides that he would like to ‘open’ the debate regarding changing […]