I don’t care if you’re related to me (and happen to live in the same house as me), it does not mean you’re allowed to:

And that was my Monday (after I got home).

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  1. Haha wow what a nightmare haha. Is this your sister or a room mate or something?

    No body goes through my stuff. I just live with my boyfriend. My cats go through my stuff. They come out of my room with make up on their faces. One of my cats is pure white so it’s so funny when she gets into my foundation. Stupid me for leaving the lids off. And they also take whole rolls of toilet paper and my socks – they love my socks.

  2. My Dad keeps going through my things too and going through my bookshelves. RAWR.

    I understand your frustration >_<

  3. oh dear lord. if i came home to all that it would be on! i cannot stand when people can’t keep their fingers out of stuff that doesn’t belong to them. so glad me n david got back out on our own again, because my mom thought anything in the house she could just do what she pleased with!

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