Nothing quite says “I love you, mommy” like baking cupcakes for her. Plain white cupcakes as she couldn’t decide on a recipe that she liked, plus buttercream frosting with a little bit of red gel colouring.

(Oh, I also got new pastry tips… and was experimenting with them with my sisters, J and D… which is why they all look like a small child decorated them – because one did, hah ;))

Smile! My sister J was changing tips all the time and decided that it looked like my mom (lol!). My dad agreed (two eyes, one nose, one smile and hair).

Heart (by my sister, D) and… something?? (by my sister, J)

Flower (decorated by me) and a snail (by my sister, D).

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  1. those look so awesome! and it’s always a great gift for moms
    sadly mom is on a diet and I was banned to give or make baked goods lol!

  2. LOL I love the variety and the look of the cupcakes. XD I love that sloppy one furthest to the bottom right corner.

    The face just makes me laugh, hahah.

    We ate out for dinner as a family for Mother’s Day. :3

    Congratulations on passing calculus! 😀 😀 😀 I got a distinction and a high distinction in my assignments (sorry, had to share ;D) and I’m fucking happy too. *glomps* <3

  3. awww how awesome. my mom is on a diet, and with everything being so crazy with my nanny right now i really didn’t get to be with her and do anything special this year!

    I am most happy you passed your calculus. i could never pass that class lol i sucK at math!

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