So work’s been workish. The person that I thought was going to be my immediate supervisor is not, it’s actually someone else (who’s pretty much a stone throw away from where my cubicle is). Last year, my supervisor (who was whom i thought was going to be my supervisor this year) was very hands off in terms of my working time. I was only really expected to check in whenever issues arose or if I was finished something or if I needed approval (or more access into various programs). This year? My supervisor comes by twice a day (without fail, so far) to ask me how my progress is. Super nice, very helpful whenever I need to pick his brain for information, but I literally jumped in my chair on Friday when he came up and asked me how my progress was… progressing. I was trying to locate a specific stock code in a very long 21-page list of stock codes (and I lost my spot, hah). And when I mentioned how many pages I had finished going through (plus a smattering of other pages), he tells me that I’m going faster than expected. (And here I thought I was going slow.)

Such is the life of a girl who does data entry.

My desk is no longer boring though! Besides the computer, the keyboard, a really gross and sticky mouse (that I spent nearly 20 minutes cleaning with mildly soapy water while it was off). Toadette is currently sitting next to my computer (photo here!) and so is one of my WALL-E figurines. A Blythe photo or two might end up on my cubicle wall (it has walls that double as bulletin board material – with a very drab grey material over it). It will be a long summer with just plain walls, so I’m hoping to decorate it up a bit.

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  1. I hate when people just come up behind you and start talking without any kind hint that they are they! Glad work is going.. at least workish and that your supervisor isn’t a total dragon!

  2. Aww, cute Toadette! 🙂 I hope you have a good summer working and add new things to your work space each day. 😀

    Your supervisor is some snoop! When I did data entry in the summer here, I was surprised to see that I had been left alone all the time and only had to approach my boss if I had completed the tasks and needed more work. She only popped in if there was something important to say. I don’t like when people constantly check up on you and breathe down your neck. You’re working… not in a class where the teacher should be eyeing you. Even so, they only did that in high school for me – they don’t really care if you’re on Facebook in class at university. XD

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