This morning, I was busily getting ready because I was going to go to the aquarium with my sister (post + photos about that later when I have time to go through all 300+ photos!), so I was really rushing with breakfast and whatnot. So I ate a banana that was way too ripe, had a slice of toast (alternating bites of mushy banana and the toast that got too dried out in the toaster – someone changed the settings on it!) and then while I was waiting so I could go and brush my teeth, I grabbed a (clean!) spoon and just opened up the jar of peanut butter and spooned some out and popped it into my mouth. I closed the lid back up and I didn’t go back for seconds.

My dad saw this entire thing and he made this face like I had done something incredibly disgusting and then asked me what I was doing. (“Eating peanut butter…?”) He starts on this entire lecture about double dipping into the peanut butter jar, “that’s how diseases are spread!” (actually no, diseases would spread if I were reusing the spoon without cleaning it first!) and “that contains far too much fat for you to be eating in one day!” (healthy fat ≠ bad for me!).

So while I was on my way to the aquarium with my sister… I had a curious thought:

Do you eat peanut butter out of the jar with spoon?

(I also eat Nutella out of the jar, but I use a butter knife usually.)

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  1. I eat both Peanut butter and Nutella out of the jar with a spoon. Sometimes nothing tastes better than a spoon full of peanut butter 😛

  2. All the time. I’ll even do it more than once, but I clean the spoon first. In fact, between the husband and myself, I think that’s how 50% of the jar is used.

  3. I don’t eat peanut butter because I don’t like nuts.
    As for chocolate spread, I use a knife if I am spreading it on something but a spoon if I am just wanting a mouthful of something sweet to stop me binging on a cake or something.

  4. Yes, I did love how he helped me out. It made me a little bit nervous for some reason, though.

    Ew, I hate overripe bananas! My dad’s fiancee and her daughter are so weird, haha–when I go shopping with Holly (the fiancee), she always buys GREEN bananas, because they like to eat them under-ripe! My bananas have to be perfectly yellow, and what’s annoying is that by the time the bananas would be yellow, they’re all gone because Yemaya (the daughter) EATS ALL OF THEM. -__-

    I do indeed eat peanut butter out of the jar. I have several friends that do so, too. I wonder why your dad thought that was weird. o_O If my blood sugar just dropped (but I get it back up), I often have a big ol’ scoop of peanut butter, sometimes with chocolate chips or with a granola bar.

    And I LOOOOOVE Nutella! :3 We can’t afford it at home, I don’t think, but whenever I used to go to my friend’s house I’d always make Nutella sandwiches. ;D I’m glad we don’t keep it around the house; I’d eat it all the time!

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