I’ve gotten into a pretty good routine since starting work in early-mid-May. Wake up, eat breakfast, head off to work, work (and work some more!), I generally eat lunch with the same people now (occasionally I bring a book to read!), listen to music while entering copious amounts of data, taking a break mid-afternoon for a few minutes so my hands can get a break… and so that I’m not sitting all the time, snack throughout the day, finish at 4:30pm and get ready to go home, say good night to everyone I pass by and then go. Which is awesome, I love having a routine, it’s always good to have one and it’s so much better than those days between my last final and my first day of work where I was doing… I have no clue what I was doing, besides having a horrible sleep schedule (which I still have, but that’s besides the point).

However… Work means I get home and I’m feeling tired because of all sorts of reasons (mental fatigue being the big one), which means less blogging, less everything. So lately I’ve been trying to put more effort into it – blogging, taking photos for my 365 project with my Blythe, Sophie. I’m also still working on perfecting a new crochet pattern for Chelle-Chelle.com, I have a brand new site project in the works (domain name to be revealed soon) which I’m super excited about (!!!), and I’m also working on a rehaul of Heartbreakee.net (which I need to update, do something with). So it’s a lot that I’ve personally put onto my own plate, but it keeps me busy, out of trouble and all that, so it’s good. But I think I’m getting into a better routine with work and all my website projects, as numerous as they are. Which is good, for me.

Sometimes I look at all the domain names in my account with the registar that I use and all I think is ‘Wow, I have way too many domains’ and I think back to when I was in the tenth grade and I thought it was just so cool that I even had one domain – and now I’m up to five? I know to those who have a million (or at least a dozen) domain names, five seems like small potatoes. But for me, it’s a lot because I’ve just never had so many before. Then I think about whittling down the number or something and then go ‘nah…’. I mean, it’s not like I go and get a domain for every single fanlisting that I own, so it’s okay (if I did that, I’d either have exactly 0 fanlistings or I’d be incredibly broke).

I ramble quite a bit, don’t I?

Anyways, I have questions for you!

  1. What are your plans for the summer?
  2. How many domains do you have? What’s the most popular extension?
  3. If you had to choose between jumping off a cliff into certain death or being eaten by a very hungry lion (don’t ask what the lion is doing there, it just is!), which would you choose? (Morbid question, I know.)
  4. How do you feel about niche blogging? Do you have one?

My answers:

  1. Working, hopefully spending time with my friends (but I say that every year, hah), working on my websites and self-publishing more crochet patterns.
  2. Currently I have five domains (five!!!) and four of them are .com (the other is a .net).
  3. I think I’d go for jumping off the cliff into certain death, only because the lion might not kill me fast enough. (… Wow, morbid…)
  4. I like niche blogs, I read a lot of them and I do have a few!

4 Responses

  1. wow they let you listen to music at work!? man i need a job that does that. i cant function on a computer w/out it. pretty sad huh?

    1. LOL I’m a temporary full-time employee – I only do data entry and minor research work (on my own, without other people). I also never get paged and I don’t have a work phone, so I just listen to music when I feel like it. If I go out on the production floor, I can’t have earphones in because it’d be hazardous if I’m not aware of my surroundings, but I can while I’m at my desk πŸ™‚

  2. I only own two domains but I do absolutely nothing with one of them. So I only own one still. I know a lot of people who own multiple domains, though.

    Routines can be pretty cool. I won’t have one anymore starting next Tuesday and I think I’m going to create a routine for myself going to the gym or something just so I can have one still.

    – Move to NZ.
    – Oh, I just told you I have two but only use 1.
    – I don’t want to choose! That is quite morbid!
    – I prefer putting them all in one blog and breaking it into categories otherwise sometimes they don’t get updated as often. I like going to niche blogs to read them sometimes and I have quite a few in my RSS reader. There are some good ones out there.

  3. i forgot that you have more than one domain! where the heck is my brain?
    wait,no don’t answer that lol.
    1. What are your plans for the summer? um not really anything. david & I are trying to plan a trip to tennesee in july for the week hes laid off work
    2. How many domains do you have? only 1 πŸ™‚
    3. If you had to choose between jumping off a cliff into certain death or being eaten by a very hungry lion (don’t ask what the lion is doing there, it just is!), which would you choose? (Morbid question, I know.) i’d just fall off the cliff. lol

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