Ahh, reading over my entry yesterday, I realize I make that coworker sound really bad. And yes, I’m still oh-so-annoyed. Turns out, I’m actually sitting at the desk that was supposed to go to him. Huh, oh well!

Anyways, to make up for making one of my coworkers sound like a total jerk ahem, I’d liked to talk about some the wonderful people that I work with… Starting now!

M – Supervisor – Thinks I’m the most efficient person in the whole wide world. Not even kidding. Why? Because he says so, on a nearly daily basis. Plus I’m quick, I don’t ask really stupid questions and I get my work done (correctly – on the first time, unless they pull stupid stuff on me).

S – Coworker (desk near mine) – He brought me (and another coworker) donuts today (well, erm, they were near the place where everyone gets coffee and tea, but he took the time to get me one!). Plus, he said he picked the one with the most chocolate and sprinkles. And he says my sweettooth is ‘practically legendary’.

E – Coworker (frequently eats lunch at the same time as me AND talks to me) – Erm… he talks to me? Says hi, gave me a ride to the train station the other day when I desperately needed a way to get home. Plus he actually talks to me during lunch… Unlike everyone else… who just doesn’t.

D – Coworker – Is nice to me this summer! *shock face* He hasn’t tried to push me into machines, wipe grease-covered paper towels on my clothes or face, poked me, shoved me into people or even said anything bad to me so far! I think having kids has really mellowed him out. Or maybe he’s just grown up? But he has civil/normal/remotely-friendly conversations with me now. Which is really weird compared to what I’m used to. Oh well, I’ll take it.

D – Coworker – He got me a bandaid today. And he talks to me and is nice to me – despite the fact that he asks me how old I am whenever I mention crocheting or knitting and says that his grandmother and I would have a lot in common (when asked, he admitted that his grandmother neither crochets or knits, but apparently we’d have a lot in common because we’d both have [different] ‘granny hobbies’).

C – Boyfriend (and coworker) – Why am I using an initial for him? Oh well, keeps it all looking neat and tidy. Let’s see. Super friendly, cute smile (and cute everything else…). Says hi to me, chats to me whenever we can. Puts up with me texting at almost all waking hours of the day. And he says cute things to me (aww). Plus he’s a total sweetheart and I adore him. And he always thinks I look nice no matter what kind of craptastic day I’m having, which is a major plus! (Not that I dress like a slob to work, but sometimes I just have drab days… Just related to how I’m feeling.)

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  1. I’m glad that the majority of the people you work with are civil and pretty darn awesome! It definitely makes up for those little icky happenings like the other day!

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