I recently got this great little gem in my inbox (via my crafting website – Chelle-Chelle.com):

Do you wholesale your jewelry? We work with thousands of buyers from gift shops, boutiques, department stores, independent retailers and large chains around the country. I think your jewelry would be a great fit. We guarantee sales plus you can pick and choose who you want to sell to. If you’re interested in selling your jewelry to more stores visit us at [url removed for stupidity]


Kevin Sanderson
VP Merchandising
866 -[phone number removed]
[url removed for stupidity]

For one thing, Mr. Kevin Sanderson, I believe that if you’re trying to woo someone into going into business with you, you should actually start off the email with the person’s name. It would not have been a hardship to find my name on my website and it would have been a lot more professional to go “Dear Michelle” at the beginning. Or even “To whom it may concern”.

Secondly, for anyone who ever receives an email like this – please, please, please check out the website. If it seems like it’s too good to be true, it probably is. For instance, this “VP” claims that they can guarantee sales. No one can do that. Unless it’s something that is a necessity for life, you can’t really guarantee a sale. Also, the website went on and on about how they “will” get you a sale and how you have “full control” over what you’re selling (then, tell me, what’s the point of going through another website?).

But the very small fine print? There’s a set up fee for setting up your account with them. And a monthly maintenance fee.

$325 for the one-time set up fee. $29 for a monthly usage fee for every month, regardless if you make a sale or not.

So if I wanted to sell through this super-awesome website, it would cost $354 for the first month alone.

This is the first time I’ve ever been contacted about wholesaling the jewellery that I make (and I’m sure it’ll be the only time, as I don’t dedicate as much time as I would like to making jewellery). But for those who are interested in wholesaling their crafting wares (or anything at all, really), just remember the following:

If a legitimate company is interested in selling your product, they will pay you for the product. They will also pay for you to send them the product and do the marketing for you. They should not require a set up fee or monthly maintenance just for ‘selling’ your stuff. If they’re serious about doing business with you and if they’re serious about selling the things that you make, they should be the ones paying you not the other way around.

I’m getting off my soapbox now.

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