Little updates for what’s been happening so far:

I talk about my dad quite a bit sometimes, especially when he’s done something ridiculous.

I got home from work today with my mom and the first thing I saw was my mirror (oval shaped, it has a wooden frame with gold paint, candle stick holders, ornate carving – best thing I’ve ever picked up from spring cleaning week ever) hanging from a branch of one of the hedge trees in my back yard. I was pissed at that, so I went and got it down from the tree and took it back inside of the house.

My dad opens the door and sees it in my hand and angrily demands to know why I have it (it’s mine and I never gave anyone permission to put it outside). And he starts in on this whole lecture about how I leave my clothes lying around everywhere, how my room is a mess, how dirty clothes attract the insects into the house and on and on and on.

I go and put the mirror away and there is nothing on my bed besides the sheet and a few stuffed animals and a power cord (for my cell phone). I then go and eat dinner and he starts talking about how I left so many clothes on my bed and if I don’t want to have something washed yet, I should hang it on my chair. I then turn my attention to the pile of stuff from my room that he’s got in the dining room (we eat in the kitchen). None of the hoodies or cardigans that were in the pile were on my bed – they had been on my chair (like he was suggesting). My pillows were in the pile as well. Along with a bathrobe and my pajamas.

He had originally put all of that stuff outside to “get some sun”.

On the grass.

And then informed me that if he ever finds an insect in the house, it’s my fault and I’ll be kicked out for it.

Right. After he went and put my stuff outside. Guess where insects live.

So pissed off because of all of that. I didn’t do anything. If he doesn’t like the way I keep my room, he doesn’t have to go in there. He doesn’t have to do anything at all and he should get a freaking hobby besides bitching at me every single day.

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  1. Poor thing… that sounds a bit unreasonable.. no bugs in the house. Bugs are always in the house. Just think that once you leave the next you can keep the place exactly as you like it.

  2. Hmm, your dads sounds a bit peculiar. No insects in the house sounds a bit odd. You can’t really prevent that, it just happens. It’s part of nature and life, you know? I can understand wanting you to keep your room clean, I tell my little sister to keep her room clean a lot, but she never listens. However, I don’t throw her shit out because of that. In the end she is the one that has to live in the mess, not me. I’m a very neat and organized person. So, I don’t understand why your dad would take it into his own hands and clean for you when that really wouldn’t be conditioning you to clean yourself. It would condition a person to just let it get messy because they’d know in the end someone would do it for them. Not saying that you’re like that, but if it were just a typical situation. Anyway, it’s still ridiculous. Especially, putting your mirror outside on a tree, that’s just weird. hahaha. Parents can be so.. different… you know.

    1. He’s not cleaning for me, he’s tossing my stuff into a laundry basket and dumping it out onto the lawn to ‘get some sun’, which entirely different from cleaning, IMO. My mom doesn’t feel that my room is needlessly cluttered, she thinks it was fine the way he was, he just decided to go on an angry rampage yesterday and toss everything outside. I’m fine with him doing that with blankets, because we do that every summer, but my clothes don’t need to be tossed onto the lawn.

  3. F…Far out. I would have been more than upset. I’m glad my mum doesn’t do anything like that, and believe me, I would say my room is in a worse state than yours has probably ever been (I imagine you are a neat person)!

    I wish my parents would give me more freedom – well, namely my mum – in what is in my room. My mum inspects the floor and the computer and things, scoffing at little particles of dust she finds on her fingers.

    Your dad sounds like he needs to control himself a little. It was ridiculous of him to put your things outside. My mum throws things across the room when she gets angry at me.

    About putting clothes on the chair/bed – I put mine on both. If it’s to be washed, I just toss it straight into the hamper. My mum hates seeing unfolded clothes on my chair. She also notices that I move clothes to my bed when I sit on the chair, and move clothes to the chair from the bed when I go to bed. XD

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