Lately work’s been really busy but not so busy, all at the same time. Which is weird, if you think about it. I’ve recently been given several projects to do so I’ll be busily working on those for the next little while. My supervisor told me not to do them too quickly or else I’ll run out of work (again). But it’s okay though, since I do like working there and I’ve finally gained access to another program that I didn’t have access to before so now I can do my work at my own computer terminal instead of using someone else’s computer. And, in addition, I procrastinated a little bit from doing my own work and helped out my supervisor and then found out from someone else that the work I was assigned was irrelevant so I didn’t have to do it. And all that means is that I learned that procrastination pays off in the end, which isn’t exactly a good lesson to be learning.

In other news, I’ve been getting a lot of mail recently – all doll related though (besides a bill and a cheque for textbook money!). Which has been rather fun, it’s always nice to get something in the mail that isn’t tell you when your payment is due, you know? Not that I get a whole lot of those to begin with, but it’s still nice.

And… that’s about it! It’s a long weekend, the one coming up! The first Monday of August is BC Day (it’s called other things in other parts of Canada, but since I’m in BC, it’s BC Day!) which is a statutory holiday, yay! Really looking forward to the long weekend! Plus, as it’s August, it hopefully means all my projects will be winding down soon, instead of them piling more projects on top of projects onto me at work. Which is probably wishful thinking, as I’m now remembering the year where I had 13 projects to complete/finalize in the last few days of work one summer… *knocks on wood*

I hope you’ve all been having a wonderful week! For those in Canada, what are you doing with your long weekend? For those elsewhere, what do you have planned for your not-so-long weekend? XD

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