I’ve gotten so used to seeing the stamp on the inside of my wrist that I got Saturday night when I went to a concert with K and E. It’s mostly faded now (thank goodness), but it’s been there for a while now that I’m going to miss it when it’s all gone. My sister suggested that I get a tattoo on the inside of my wrist – thanks for the suggestion, D. I have actually considered it. I really want to get the infinity symbol done, and a phoenix, and a Blythe pullring…

Saturday night, like I’ve mentioned, I went to see a concert featuring my favourite band with the best friend (K) and her boyfriend (E), who sounded horrible (and I hope he’s doing better now). The opening act was horrible (in my honest opinion) as he was a one-man show (his bandmates weren’t there for some illegal sounding reasons…?) and kept on stopping in the middle of songs to chat up the audience. The actual main act was wonderful. People violently moshed and pushed each other around, luckily no one seemed to get hurt and I avoid it (for the most part, except for when I went and got pushed straight into someone who managed to catch me before I fell, yay). It was wonderful though, there’s nothing like seeing your favourite band in person. Although, as K mentioned (and I fully agree), it’s weird when you’ve been listening to a band for X number of years and then you see them in person and the main singer (who’s the only original member of the band now) has aged so much and no longer has bleached blonde or black hair (and it wasn’t shaggy either… so weird). But amazing. Absolutely amazing. And that concert ticket was, for about 24 hours, the only thing on my bulletin board (joining it are my tickets for Les Miserables and Dan Savage, both from 2009, and a ticket from a musical I saw yesterday). ♥♥♥ The Ataris.

Sunday I was supposed to go to a parade, but when I went to call in to volunteering, L (who sort of supervises me) was so grateful that I was calling because she really needed a volunteer. Major guilt, hah, so I ended up going in to volunteering – which ended up really fun. Especially the part when we were singing Christmas carols for the church service (I volunteer at a long term care home) because the group that was supposed to be there didn’t show so we had to do something. We sang Amazing Grace, Jesus Loves Me, Silent Night, Oh Come All Ye Faithful and a few other songs that I actually knew the tunes to (thank goodness… one of the residents verbally abuses those who cannot sing properly, heh). And then later Sunday evening, I went to go and see The Lion King with my sisters. We had craptastic seats but it was so amazing and beautiful. I hated young Simba and Nala though (their singing voices), but everything else was fabulous! ♥♥♥

Anyway, I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. I bought new shoes today (and some other stuff… *cough*)! Super cute with bows!

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. I need new shoes! I am not sure what kind to get. I would love a pair of shoes with bows but at the moment I’m looking for some nice flat boots. I have quite a few with high heels that aren’t really good for wearing for long periods during the day.

    I’ve never been to a concert! I’ve heard a few songs by the Ataris though. I think my “favourite band” tends to change a lot, because I go through different phases, and a lot of the bands I listen to are long gone, or disbanded not too long ago.

    I felt like going to a concert to find out some new bands, but I feel strange if I don’t have that initial connection to the band or any of its members and I decide to go to a concert. Ah well, I shall hope my first time is soon.

    I have considered getting a tattoo, but it would be really small and on my wrist or ankle. Maybe just a heart or a star, or something small. I don’t think I could stand the pain, haha.

    1. I’m pretty sure if you’re going for somewhere that won’t hurt, the inside of your wrist or your ankle is not the place to do it, lol. Places with more muscle/fat would hurt less 😉

  2. Seeing one of your favorite bands play live is an unexplainable experience. I always leave on cloud 9. It’s like this immense energy takes over your body and it’s really a euphoric experience. When I leave it always feels surreal, like it’s not really happening. I love the feeling.

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