So today was Monday, of course, which meant that it was the beginning of my work week (as I’m sure it was for a lot of you as well). I got to work and my boss was already there and he’d been there since 5am, which I personally think is a little absurd (considering he worked from home on Sunday until midnight). I have a workaholic for a boss, but after I told him this, he said that he wasn’t (go figure). Work was busy today… People came back from vacation, a certain government-authorized agency doesn’t like the company too much at the moment due to the recent ‘surprise visit’ and I spent a few hours sorting through all the paperwork that was on my boss’ desk because he was tired of not being able to see the fake wood. Good fun, isn’t it?

I also registered two new domains today, through my registrar of choice: Both of them are .com’s and I’ll be revealing what the name are when I get the sites ready and up (hoping to do so before I get back to school in a couple of weeks). I’ve tried two other domain registrars before, but one was full of ads all over the place and the other was just a confusing interface to use (and this is coming from me!). I think websites, unless otherwise noted, should be easy to navigate and easy to use – this also goes for personal blogs where the navigation is just roman numerals like I. II. III. IV. V. <- this tells me nothing about what the links are for. </vent about bad navigation word choices> Anyways, what I was going to say is that it’s a great registrar and I highly recommend Namecheap, mostly for the ease of using their website and how quick it is (also, as a major plus, there’s promotional codes essentially every single month for new domain names and transfers, which I happily used today to get a little discount on my new acquisitions!).

Oh, the kicker for today is that I got a message from a girl who was my ‘BFF’ back in grades 6 and 7. We stopped being friends over a boy (juvenile, I realize that – but we were 11-12 and totally thought we knew everything). As it turns out, she’s attending the same school as me and only realized this when she added someone on Facebook and it turns out we’re mutual friends, so she added me to decide to catch up. And the weird thing is, I swear nothing’s really changed about her. She still plays the piano, she still goes to church every week, she still sings in a choir. But then again, I suppose some things haven’t really changed about me either since I was 11 and 12 years old – I’m still clumsy, I still blog, I still roleplaying. I kind of expected things to change, but I guess deep down inside, there’s always something that does stay the same. It’s interesting, to be honest, talking to someone who knew me when I was that age – but at the same time it’s a little unnerving because she would know all the crap I pulled back then, what kind of a person I was and it’s not the same person that I am now.

My questions for you today:

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  1. Okay, let’s see…the last thing that I bought was a ticket for the MegaMillions Lotto, since it is up to $133 million – meaning that if I win I’ll get $92.4 million after taxes.

    As for work, I am not currently employed – looking for a job.

    The last time that I spoke to an old friend? Hm…I haven’t really been in contact with any old friends. Perhaps I need to make more of an effort to find them.

    Your boss definitely sounds like a workaholic…I cannot imagine staying at work until midnight, and then coming back in at 5AM. That is just crazy.

    As for the staying the same, well…that’s what all of my old teachers tell me. I look exactly the same…which is kind of sad, because most of them are from when I was in Elementary School. 😛

    1. My boss *is* a workaholic. I certainly mention that at least once a day to him. He also has a second job (part time, of course), so it’s kind of crazy. As it is, I technically have two jobs so… =/ What does that make me? 😉

  2. I’ve never registered my domains at namecheap before but I’ve only hear great reviews so I’m gonna register a new domain there next time ((:

    Can’t wait to see your new domains! I’m guessing that you have hosting sorted out for those.

    What is something that you bought recently? I recently purchase a new tennis racket because my old one is hurting my wrist.

    What’s your favourite thing about the place where you work? It’s not too far from my house which means that I don’t have to wake up so early to go to work =X

    When’s the last time that you spoke to an old friend? yesterday =)

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