Catching up and all that jazz

Wow, I don’t blog often at all. Some new things that have happened since my last blog entry… About the bugs… I bought a butterfly net at an educational toy shop for my entomology class (choice between writing a lab final or doing an insect collection? I know what I’m going for!). There’s a bunch […]

Entomology (and other ramblings)

I had my first entomology lab today, it was just a little introduction where we went over how many orders there were (and sub-orders, cripes). We have an option of doing an insect collection or a lab final (no midterm). I’m definitely in the “insect collection” camp! It was pretty fun, even though it was […]

On sea otters and school

There are five fantastic reasons why I decided on the sea otter as the feature for this new theme: Sea otters are native to the coasts of north and east parts of the Pacific Ocean They are a keystone species and an incredibly important part of the ecosystem that they are from (and did you […]